How many National MPS are in the federal parliament?

How many National MPS are in the federal parliament?

How many National MPS are in the federal parliament?

Composition of the House of Representatives expanded*

State Lib The NATS
NSW 14 7
VIC 12 3
WA 11

How many members are there in NSW parliament?

New South Wales has a bicameral parliament comprising a 93-member lower house, the Legislative Assembly, and a 42-member upper house, the Legislative Council.

What is a federal MP?

The term member of parliament generally refers to a member of the House of Representatives, although it can also refer to a senator. To become a member of parliament you need to win a seat in a federal election. There are a number of requirements for enrolling as a candidate in a federal election.

Who are the senators for NSW?


Senate Election Senator (Party)
2016–2019 2017 Sam Dastyari (Labor)
2019–2022 2019 Andrew Bragg (Liberal)

Who are the independents in Australian federal parliament?

Won election as independent

Member Electorate Term
Zali Steggall Warringah, NSW 2019–present
Helen Haines Indi, VIC 2019–present
Kate Chaney Curtin, WA 2022–present
Zoe Daniel Goldstein, VIC 2022–present

Who are the members of parliament in Australia?

46th Parliament

  • Hon Anthony Albanese MP. Member for Grayndler, New South Wales.
  • Dr Katie Allen MP. Member for Higgins, Victoria.
  • Hon Dr Anne Aly MP. Member for Cowan, Western Australia.
  • Hon Karen Andrews MP. Member for McPherson, Queensland.
  • Mrs Bridget Archer MP.
  • Mr Adam Bandt MP.
  • Ms Angie Bell MP.
  • Hon Chris Bowen MP.

Who is the federal member for Sydney?

Mr (Alex) Alexander Hart GREENWICH, MP

Position Start
Member for Sydney 27 Oct 2012
Temporary Speaker 15 Feb 2022
Chair, Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning 20 Jun 2019
Member, Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning 18 Jun 2019

How many seats does the NSW government have?

The 2019 New South Wales state election was held on Saturday 23 March 2019 to elect the 57th Parliament of New South Wales, including all 93 seats in the Legislative Assembly and 21 of the 42 seats in the Legislative Council. The election was conducted by the New South Wales Electoral Commission (NSWEC).

Who are the federal ministers of Australia?

Current Cabinet

Party Minister
Labor Hon Anthony Albanese (1963–) MP for Grayndler (1996–)
Hon Richard Marles (1967–) MP for Corio (2007–)
Hon Penny Wong (1968–) Senator for South Australia (2002–)
Hon Jim Chalmers (1978–) MP for Rankin (2013–)

Who are the current senators in Australia?

Members of the Australian Senate, 2019–2022

Senator Party Years in office
Eric Abetz Liberal 1994–present
Alex Antic Liberal 2019–present
Wendy Askew Liberal 2019–present
Tim Ayres Labor 2019–present

Who are the members of the 43rd Parliament in South Australia?

Contacting Senators and Members Members by electorate 43rd Parliament: List of Members by Electorate Adelaide, SA Ellis, The Hon Kate, Member for Adelaide Aston, Vic Tudge, Mr Alan, Member for Aston Ballarat, Vic King, The Hon Catherine, Member for Ballarat Banks, NSW Melham, Mr Daryl, Member for Banks Barker, SA

Who are the members of the Federal Parliament for Bendigo?

Ferguson, The Hon Martin, Member for Batman Bendigo, Vic Gibbons, Mr Steve, Member for Bendigo Bennelong, NSW Alexander, Mr John, Member for Bennelong Berowra, NSW Ruddock, The Hon Philip, Member for Berowra

Where can I find information about members of Parliament prior to 1997?

Information about members of Parliament prior to September 1997 is available on the Library of Parliament website .

How many members are in the House of Representatives in Australia?

Members. There are currently 149 members of the House of Representatives, each representing one geographic area of Australia. Members are elected for a 3 year term and when in parliament take part in debate on proposed laws and public policy, representing the views of the people in their electorate.