How many cement plants are there in Pakistan?

How many cement plants are there in Pakistan?

How many cement plants are there in Pakistan?

24 cement plants
Some of the companies operate multiple plants in various cities. As per APCMA, there are currently 24 cement plants in Pakistan.

Where are cement plants located in Pakistan?

DG Cement is a Pakistani building materials company which is owned by Nishat Group. It is the largest cement manufacturer of Pakistan with a production capacity of 14,000 tons per day. The company has three active plants which are present in Khairpur, Chakwal, Dera Ghazi Khan and Hub, Balochistan.

Which is the best cement company in Pakistan?

Best cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan 2021.

  • Flying Cement Limited.
  • Bestway Cement Limited.
  • DG Cement.
  • Fauji Cement.
  • Lucky Cement.
  • Maple Leaf Cement.
  • Power Cement.
  • Askari Cement Limited.

Where is Lafarge cement made?

The exchange ratio will be based on 9 Holcim shares for 10 Lafarge shares. The new company would be based in Switzerland and have a manufacturing capacity of 427 million tons a year would vastly exceed the 227 million ton capacity Anhui Conch.

Which brand of cement is best in Pakistan?

What is the best quality cement in Pakistan?

Best Cement Company in Pakistan

Sr. No Best Brands of Cement Company Rating As Per Production Capacity
1 Lucky Cement Limited 1.00 ⭐
2 Bestway Cement Limited 2.00 ⭐
3 D.G.Khan Cement Limited 3.00 ⭐
4 Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited 4.00 ⭐

What is price of cement in Pakistan?

Cement Price in Pakistan 2022 Today Updated May 30, 2022

Cement Company Price per 50KG Bag
Maple Leaf Cement Rs. 900-905
Maple Leaf White Cement Rs. 1,465-1,470
Bestway Cement Rs. 870-880
Fauji Cement Rs. 875-880