How long is Notom-Bullfrog Road?

How long is Notom-Bullfrog Road?

How long is Notom-Bullfrog Road?

32.5 miles
How long is the Notom-Bullfrog Road? Located on the boundary between Wayne and Garfield counties in south central Utah, the road is 52.30km (32.5 miles) long, leading from Highway 24, along the east side of Capitol Reef National Park to the junction of Burr Trail Road in the southern section of the Park.

Is Notom-Bullfrog road paved?

The Notom-Bullfrog Road intersects Utah Hwy 24 nine miles (14.4 km) east of the Capitol Reef Visitor Center and extends south to Bullfrog Visitor Center and Marina and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This road is paved for the first 15 miles (24.1 km), and then becomes a maintained dirt road.

How long does the Capitol Reef Scenic Drive take?

The Scenic Drive is a 7.9 mile (12.7 km) paved road, suitable for passenger vehicles. Allot about an hour and half roundtrip to drive the Scenic Drive and the two dirt spur roads, Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge.

Where are the Bentonite Hills?

The Bentonite Hills are located just east of Capitol Reef National Park and just west of Hanksville, Utah, along UT-24E. There are plenty of spots to pull off the main road onto dirt roads to get into the Bentonite Hills, and you can take your pick for the best path to take.

Do you need 4wd for Capitol Reef?

4-wheel drive is not required but is highly recommended. OHVs, ATVs, and UTVs are not permitted in the park. We rented a jeep from Capitol Reef Jeep Rentals and would HIGHLY recommend you do the same if you don’t have a good adventure vehicle.

Where is Capitol Reef Scenic Drive?

The Scenic Drive starts at the park visitor center and provides access to Grand Wash Road, Capitol Gorge Road, and Pleasant Creek Road.

How much time do you need at Capitol Reef?

If you want to visit the highlights of Capitol Reef and spend some time venturing into the backcountry, you will need at least three days in Capitol Reef. With one day in Capitol Reef, you can explore the sights along Highway 24, drive Capitol Reef Scenic Drive, and do one or two hikes.

Can you walk on bentonite Hills?

There are no trails through the Bentonite Hills. The surface is easily damaged; scars from footprints and tire tracks take many years to heal. Please only drive on the road and limit foot travel to firm, previously disturbed areas and wash bottoms.

What place in Utah looks like Mars?

Goblin Valley State Park in Utah looks like a martian landscape straight from the red planet, complete with towering alien structures. You can explore a whole new world, all without leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

Can you swim at Hole in the Rock?

The pathway at Hole in the Rock is still cleared out, and you get to hike through the path that these enduring people traveled, bringing wagons down with all of their stuff and their oxen. The Colorado River has now become part of Lake Powell, so you can hike down to the lake and swim around and cliff jump as well.