How long is Aras River?

How long is Aras River?

How long is Aras River?

666.1 miAras / Length

Where does the Aras River start?

MtkvariAras / MouthThe Kura is an east-flowing river south of the Greater Caucasus Mountains which drains the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus east into the Caspian Sea. It also drains the north side of the Lesser Caucasus while its main tributary, the Aras, drains the south side of those mountains. Wikipedia

Where is the Aras River?

Aras River, Armenian Araks, Persian Rud-e Aras, Turkish Aras Nehri, Greek Araxes, river rising south of Erzurum in the Bingöl Dağları (mountains) of Turkey; it flows eastward, forming for approximately 275 miles (440 km) the international boundary between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the north and Turkey and Iran on the …

How wide is Aras River?

The Aras river depth: about Julfa, its width is about 30 meters and its depth is 4 meters, but near Pol Dasht, its width is about 90 to 100 meters and its depth is 2 meters.

Who was Aras?

In Greek mythology, Aras was an autochthon who was believed to have built Arantea, the most ancient town in Phliasia, Peloponnese.

How long is Araks River?

What is Aras in Islam?

Aras is Muslim name which means – Aras Is A Kurdish,Persian,Turkish And Urdu Name For Boys And Girls. In Kurdish And Persian It Means Equal,Balanced. The Word Aras Commonly Refers To The Aras River,Which Flows Through Turkey,Armenia,Iran And Azerbaijan.

What does Aras mean in Greek?

Where is the Arax River?

Araks is the largest river of the Armenian uplands and one of the largest in Transcaucasia. The upper current is on the border of Armenia and Turkey, the estuary is on the territory of Azerbaijan, the river is the border between Iran and Russia.

What does Aras mean in English?

Aras in British English (æˈræs ) noun. a river rising in mountains in E Turkey and flowing east to the Caspian Sea: forms part of the E border of Turkey and the N border of Iran.