How long does it take to get visa after 221g?

How long does it take to get visa after 221g?

How long does it take to get visa after 221g?

Form 221g processing time varies between 7 days to 6 months. If form 221(g) is issued with a request to submit more documents, you can expect to wait for form ore than 8 weeks. If there are no documents requested, then you can expect your US visa approval in 7-30 working days.

Can visa be rejected after 221g?

A visa refusal under section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) means the applicant did not establish eligibility for a visa to the satisfaction of the consular officer, as is required under U.S. law, specifically section 291 of the INA.

Why does 221g take so long?

Reasons for 221(g) processing delays The consular officer assigned to the case may take a prolonged amount of time to verify information provided by the applicant such as employer-related information. Information presented in the documentation contradicts information shared by the applicant during the visa interview.

Is there another interview after 221g?

Based on your current petition, an employer (same or different) can file cap-exempt petition for you. Once it is approved you can re-appear for visa interview. Again, one doesn’t need to withdraw the pending 221g application.

What happens after 221g approval?

If you are issued a 221g, you are neither rejected nor accepted for getting a visa to enter the United States. A 221g just places you on hold to request additional information from you about your visa process.

What is 221g pink form?

221(g) Pink Form: A pink form is issued when the Visa officer is suspects the information provided within the petition. This could be related to work, qualification or purpose of visit. Cases like these require additional administrative processing.

What should I do after 221g?

5 ways to follow up on your 221g

  1. Check out the VFS website. The first option you have is to check out the website of the consulate and track your passport or case number electronically.
  2. Call the consulate.
  3. Send an email.
  4. Call or send an email to the DOS.
  5. Contact your Senator.

What is blue slip 221g?

Some people have received blue form 221g and were asked to submit documents to prove that they filed the H1B transfer before their i94 expiry. This kind of status checks is done when you have filed multiple extension, amendment, or transfer applications without getting approvals on any one specific application.

What does 221g white paper mean?

Identity Check – White Form 221g US embassy system may flag your name for security checks if you have changed your residence address every year in the past. Usually, the person who is moving too often is considered to be involved in suspicious activities and hence need to go through security checks.