How long do occipital nerve block injections last?

How long do occipital nerve block injections last?

How long do occipital nerve block injections last?

Pain relief from an occipital nerve block usually will last for several months, but this may vary from patient to patient. You may have 3-4 of these injections a year.

What medication is used for occipital nerve block?

What are the medications used for an occipital nerve block? Lidocaine or bupivacaine are local anesthetics that are used to numb the area of injection; this numbness usually wears off within two to six hours. Dexamethasone, a steroid that helps with inflammation and pain, is usually used as well.

How many injections do you need for an occipital nerve block?

Overall, occipital nerve blocks seem to be a relatively effective pain management option. People with chronic headache pain generally get three to four injections per year. It’s rare to get more than three in a 6-month period. The more injections you get, the higher your risk is of having steroid-related side effects.

How long does it take for an occipital nerve block to start working?

The immediate effect is usually from the local anesthetic injected. This wears off in a few hours. The steroid starts working in about 3 to 5 days and its effect can last for several days to a few months.

What happens after occipital nerve block?

As stated above, after the local anesthetic that was injected as part of your occipital nerve block wears off, your headache may return for roughly 24 to 36 hours. After this time, you should receive some pain relief from the medication that was also injected during the time of your occipital nerve block.

How long do nerve block injections last?

However, nerve blocks are only a temporary fix—they typically last for up to one or two weeks and then wear off as your body absorbs them. Some patients undergo several rounds of nerve blocks before they experience long term relief. Others may not receive any long-term pain relief from this type of injection.

Do occipital nerve blocks cause weight gain?

Potential side effects include but not limited to elevated glucose levels, altered menstrual cycle, fluid retention, bruising, insomnia, sweats, hot/cold flashes, flushing of the face, weight gain, or osteoporosis.

Can I shower after occipital nerve block?

However, make sure that you restfully on the day of the injection and do not soak the area in water or take a shower. The steroids start functioning within 3-5 days and the effect lasts for several days to months.