How is cochlear implant surgery performed?

How is cochlear implant surgery performed?

How is cochlear implant surgery performed?

Cochlear implant surgery is fairly routine and typically performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make a small incision behind the ear and sometimes a small area of hair may be shaved away from the incision site. The implant is then placed under the skin and the electrode is inserted into the inner ear.

How long does cochlear implant surgery take?

Cochlear implant surgery is done in a hospital or clinic. The surgery lasts two to four hours. You are given medication (general anesthesia) to make you sleep during the procedure. The surgeon makes a cut behind the ear and then opens the mastoid bone.

Is a cochlear implant surgery painful?

NORMAL POST OP COURSE: In general, Cochlear implantation is a very safe surgery with limited post-operative pain and few complications. Pain at the surgical site is usually temporary. Stiffness of the jaw is also common. It is safe to sleep on the side of your operative ear.

Can you hear after cochlear implant surgery?

Your Recovery The implant does the job of the damaged or absent nerve cells that in a normal ear make it possible to hear (auditory nerve). A small device worn outside the ear turns on the implant. The implant may make a small bump under the skin behind your ear.

When can I wash my hair after cochlear implant?

Your doctor will let you know when to remove the bandage, usually a few days after surgery. After you remove the bandage, wash the incision daily with warm, soapy water, and pat dry. You should be able to shower and wash your hair one week after surgery unless instructed otherwise. Keep water out of your ear.

Can you talk on the phone with cochlear implant?

Some people with cochlear implants (CI) have no difficulty using the phone. They just hold the phone up to their ear and are able to communicate successfully. Most people, however, find the need to make some adjustments to their hearing technology.

Do they shave your head for cochlear implant?

The surgeon will typically only need to shave a very small area of hair immediately behind the ear (1cm to 2 cm).

What do cochlear implants sound like 2021?

However, there are certainly a wide range of experiences with cochlear implants, and this is especially true for sound quality. You likely have heard users describe their implants as sounding “robotic”, “distorted”, “tinny”, or “squeaky”, while other users describe their hearing as surprisingly natural and pleasant.