How is a gamma nail inserted?

How is a gamma nail inserted?

How is a gamma nail inserted?

The Gamma nail (Fig. 2) consists of a large intramedullary locked nail with a valgus curvature, an upper part shaped as a funnel, a large proximal opening to allow insertion of a long femoral neck screw and two small horizontal holes to allow for distal locking. The femoral neck screw can slide within the nail.

How long does a gamma nail take?

The results showed that the duration of surgery in the PFLP group (70.5 ± 20.2 min) was significantly longer than in the gamma nail group (60.6 ± 20.8 min; P < 0.05).

What is Stryker gamma nail?

Gamma3 Nailing System Gamma is a comprehensive intramedullary nailing system for the treatment of a wide range of proximal femur fractures as well as associated femoral shaft fractures.

When do you use gamma nails?

Indications. The main indication is the treatment of pertrochanteric, intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures fracture type AO/OTA 31-A1 31-A2 and 31-A3 3. Other indications include impending pathological fractures, tumor resections and revision procedures.

What does a gamma nail look like?

The gamma nail consists of a funnel-shaped intramedullary nail with slight bending to reflect proximal femoral diaphyseal trochanteric morphology, a large proximal opening, which features a sliding mechanism for a large femoral neck lag screw and small holes in the distal part enabling distal femoral locking of the …

What is a short gamma nail?

The short Gamma nail (Stryker, Mahwah, NJ) is a commonly used device for the treatment of stable intertrochanteric hip fractures. First generation Gamma nails have been complicated by fractures at the tip of the nail. The long Gamma nail has been shown to reduce the incidence of periprosthetic fractures.

Is a gamma nail rigid or flexible?

The new Gamma 3 short nail by Stryker, at a length of 180 mm, features a decrease in mediolateral curvature by 4 degrees, a more flexible titanium composition, and a designed taper from 17 mm proximal diameter to 11 mm distal diameter.

Who makes gamma nail?

The Gamma3 intramedullary nailing system is made by Stryker although other intra-medullary devices are available by other companies such as Smith & Nephew and Zimmer.

What is long gamma nail?

The long Gamma nail (LGN) is a logical supplement of the standard version, designed to treat unstable per-, subtrochanteric and segmental fractures. This study evaluated 44 consecutive operations. Seventy percent of the patients had to be classified ASA III and IV, due to their high morbidity.

What is short gamma nail?