How hot is Mad Dog 357 sauce?

How hot is Mad Dog 357 sauce?

How hot is Mad Dog 357 sauce?

357,000 Scoville Heat Units
The Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce is one of the most powerful sauces in the world, and it will take your breath away. This killer sauce is packing 357,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHUs).

Why is Mad Dog 357 so hot?

Flavor: The ingredients list of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce gives you a good first hint that there’s a lot of heat underneath the hood: Vinegar, chile extract, evaporated cane juice, habanero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 Scoville cayenne peppers, spices, and xanthan gum.

Does Mad Dog 357 taste good?

Mad Dog 357 combines one of the hotter sauces I’ve tried with an amazing, almost sweet, flavor. The flavor is so good that I often find myself over doing it and suffering the consequences for a while but the pain is well worth it!

What is the Mad Dog 357 made of?

The variety of Mad Dog 357 sauces and extracts contain all natural ingredients – fresh picked peppers, unsulphered molasses, vine ripened tomatoes and the rare Peri Peri Pepper picked directly from African crops.

Does Mad Dog 357 have extract?

Product Description This 5oz bottles holds pure pepper extract, capsaicin, or oleoresin or whatever you choose to call it. No other ingredients mar the pure flavor of the extreme pain you will feel when exploring the depths of hell when consuming the Mad Dog 357 1 Million Scoville Extract Sauce.

How hot is Mad Dog 357 plutonium No 9?

Our processing for one bottle of Plutonium No. 9 starts with 1,000 ounces of raw peppers—1,000 ounces! —and ends up with 1 ounce of power-packed extract that registers 9,000,000 on the Scoville scale. It’s pure heat!” It’s the most concentrated pepper extract currently available.

What pepper is used in Mad Dog 357?

Mad Dog 357’s searing blend of chili extract, fresh habanero peppers and cayenne peppers, garlic, and onion is respected by chili heads the world over for its ability to bring the burn and the flavor.