How far is British Museum from Russell Square?

How far is British Museum from Russell Square?

How far is British Museum from Russell Square?

How far is it from Russell Square Underground Station to British Museum? The distance between Russell Square Underground Station and British Museum is 1472 feet. The road distance is 2697 feet.

How far is the British Museum from Harrods?

2 miles
How far is it from British Museum to Harrods? The distance between British Museum and Harrods is 2 miles.

Does LSE have parking?

If you are a member of the LSE community we have additional secure parking spaces and facilities including showers and repair stations.

What Tube line is British Museum?

the Central line
History. British Museum station was opened on 30 July 1900 by the Central London Railway (CLR; now the Central line), with its entrance located at No. 133, High Holborn (now a branch of the Nationwide Building Society), near the junction with New Oxford Street.

What tube stop is British Museum?

The nearest London Underground stations are Holborn, a five-minute walk away, and Tottenham Court Road, a two-minute walk away. Russell Square and Goodge Street are also options. The museum is a major attraction, so you’ll see signposts to it on the street.

How do I get into LSE?

LSE Undergraduate admission tips

  1. Research the various UG programs and your chosen programs.
  2. Show that you read and analyze what you read.
  3. Take part in activities that further your interest in your chosen subject.
  4. Meet or exceed LSE’s academic requirements.
  5. Spend time on drafting your personal statement.

How long should I spend in British Museum?

three to four hours
Visiting British Museum Recommended visiting time is at least three to four hours, but if you’re interested in joining some of the many different talks and tours at the museum, then be prepared to spend the entire day wandering around.

What should you not miss at the British Museum?

Here’s our list of 14 things that you won’t want to miss.

  • Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone on display in Room 4.
  • Sophilos Vase. The Sophilos Vase.
  • The Parthenon Sculptures.
  • Grayson Perry’s The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman.
  • Crouching Venus.
  • Bust of Ramesses the Great.
  • The Ife Head.
  • Tree of Life.

Where is the British Museum nearest tube?

The four tube stations closest to the Museum are:

  • Tottenham Court Road: 5-minute walk.
  • Holborn: 7-minute walk.
  • Russell Square: 7-minute walk.
  • Goodge Street: 8-minute walk.