How does the World Bank fight corruption?

How does the World Bank fight corruption?

How does the World Bank fight corruption?

The World Bank also combats corruption through administrative sanctions against firms or individuals that have engaged in fraud, corruption, coercion, collusion, or obstruction (referred to collectively as Sanctionable Practices) in connection with World Bank-financed activities.

What is an attractive slogan against corruption?

The only cure to corruption is complete transparency in the activities of all sectors. 5. People corrupt power and power corrupts people. 6. Don’t let your sanity perish because of doing corrupt activities.

How can transparency fight corruption?

While legal transparency mechanisms with freedom of information laws are important, fiscal transparency and e-transparency play a stronger role in fighting government corruption. Accountability and publicity add to transparency mechanisms for reducing corruption.

What is anti-corruption policy?

Anti-Corruption Policy outlines the principles that FRI and its subsidiaries (collectively “FTI” or ”we”) follow to achieve zero-tolerance against bribery and corruption.

What is corruption World Bank?

This approach, as adopted by the World Bank in its definition of corruption as, “the abuse of public office for private gain” (World Bank 1997, p. 8), has been criticized for its neutral and technical treatment of a much deeper more complex interplay of power.

How do businesses deal with bribery?


  1. When you are offered a bribe directly, assess the situation first.
  2. Maintain presence of mind.
  3. Be sure to notify your superior immediately and provide a full account of what took place.
  4. When declining is no longer an option, make no promises.
  5. Make the necessary documentation.

What is the World Bank Institute’s’fighting corruption through collective action’guideline?

On June 19, 2008, the World Bank Institute presented the guideline “Fighting Corruption Through Collective Action” in London. The guide has been created to help companies fight back against the insidious impacts of corruption.

What is the World Bank doing about corruption in developing countries?

The World Bank Group considers corruption a major challenge to its twin goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity for the poorest 40 percent of people in developing countries.

What are the Anticorruption initiatives of the World Bank?

The Anticorruption Initiatives broaden the Bank’s focus beyond developing countries to also include financial centers, take on the politics of corruption more openly than before, harness new technologies to understand, address, and prevent corruption, and integrate the insights of behavioral social science.

How many firms have been publicly debarred by the World Bank?

To date, the World Bank Group has publicly debarred or otherwise sanctioned more than 1,000 firms and individuals. In fiscal year 2020, the World Bank Group debarred or otherwise sanctioned 49 firms and individuals and recognized 72 cross-debarments from other multilateral development banks.