How do you view photos on TI-84 Plus CE?

How do you view photos on TI-84 Plus CE?

How do you view photos on TI-84 Plus CE?

To open picture files, please see the below instructions: 1) Press [2nd], [Draw] and arrow over to STO and press [2:RecallPic]. 2) Press [VARS] and choose 4:Picture & Background to view a list pictures on the calculator. 3) Select the picture variable you wish to display then press [ENTER] to select the picture.

How do I download pictures to my TI-84?

Connect the TI-84Plus Color Silver Edition to the computer with the TI Connectivity Cable 3. Click on TI Device Explorer on TI Connect to open the DeviceExplorer window. 4. Drag the digital image into the DeviceExplorer window.

Can you store pictures on TI-84?

TI-84 Plus CE Image Vars in the TI Connectâ„¢ CE software and load them to the calculator. You cannot create images on the calculator. Note: TI Connectâ„¢ CE software is available as a free download from Pic Vars (Pic1 – Pic 9, and Pic0) are also variables stored in archive memory.

How do I change the background on my TI-84?

To change the background image in the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition:

  1. Press [GRAPH].
  2. Press [2ND] [FORMAT].
  3. Press [Down Arrow] 8 times.
  4. Press [Right Arrow] [Down Arrow].
  5. Press [GRAPH] to return to the graph screen.

How do you save a drawing on a TI 84?

Storing a graph database:

  1. Press [2ND] [DRAW] then press the right arrow key twice to select the STO menu.
  2. Press 3:StoreGDB.
  3. Input the number (0-9) of the GDB variable to which you want to store the graph database.
  4. Press [ENTER] to store the current database to the specified GDB variable.

How do you make a picture on a graphing calculator on Desmos?

Adding an Image To add an image to your graph, start by opening the Add Item menu and choose Image. Clicking and dragging the image into the expression list is also supported in many browsers. To Move the image, click on the center point and drag the image to where you’d like to place it.