How do you use ramification in a sentence?

How do you use ramification in a sentence?

How do you use ramification in a sentence?

Ramification sentence example

  1. He clearly did not think of the inevitable ramification for his unwise action.
  2. The unexpected ramification made the buyers hesitant about signing the lease.

What are some examples of ramifications?

The definition of a ramification is an effect that came from a specific action. An example of a ramification is having trouble getting a job after quitting college. An arrangement of branches or branching parts.

What is the meaning of ramification?

Definition of ramification 1a : branch, offshoot. b : a branched structure. 2a : the act or process of branching. b : arrangement of branches (as on a plant) 3 : consequence, outgrowth the ramifications of the decision.

What is the meaning of in all ramification?

Nigerian English speakers say “in all ramifications” to mean “in all aspects,” or “in all dimensions.” However, “ramifications” (note that it’s often pluralized) is widely understood among native English speakers to mean an “unwelcome consequence,” as in, “The murder of the soldier is bound to have grave ramifications …

What are some synonyms for ramification?

synonyms for ramifications

  • complication.
  • consequence.
  • upshot.
  • division.
  • extension.
  • outgrowth.
  • sequel.
  • subdivision.

What type of word is ramification?

a related or derived subject, problem, etc.; outgrowth; consequence; implication: The new tax law proved to have many ramifications unforeseen by the lawmakers.

Are ramifications negative?

Tips: A ramification is something that complicates a situation. It is generally a consequence of an action, but it is usually an unintended and negative one.

What are synonyms for ramification?

synonyms for ramification

  • complication.
  • consequence.
  • upshot.
  • bifurcation.
  • branch.
  • branching.
  • breaking.
  • divarication.