How do you remove a pessary yourself?

How do you remove a pessary yourself?

How do you remove a pessary yourself?

Removing the Pessary

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Find the rim of the pessary just under the pubic bone at the front of your vagina. Locate the notch or opening and hook your finger under or over the rim.
  3. Tilt the pessary slightly, to about a 30 degree angle, and gently pull down and out of the vagina.

How do you insert a pessary for a prolapse?

Insert the folded pessary into the vagina (long ways) as far back as you can. It will open up into its normal shape when you let go on the ring. Use your index finger to make sure the rim is behind the pubic bone. If you are left handed, place your right foot up on a chair, low stool, or toilet.

What is a cube pessary?

The cube pessary is designed to manage third-degree uterine prolapse. Because the cube is held in place by suction, removal can be somewhat difficult for some patients. This type of pessary can support the uterus even with a lack of vaginal tone.

How do you size a pessary cube?

Cube Pessary – Sizes 6 Sizes according to the following length of edges; Size 0 = 25 mm. Size 1 = 29 mm. Size 2 = 32 mm.

How effective is the cube pessary?

Results: A pessary could be fitted in 84/87 patients (96.6%); 6 women were lost to follow-up. The remaining 78 patients (92.9%, median age 60 years) completed the study. Sixteen women (20.5%) chose not to continue with the pessary treatment.

How do you insert and remove a cube pessary?


  1. Wash your hands.
  2. You can use the string to locate the pessary, but do not pull on it.
  3. Slide one finger along the vaginal wall.
  4. Break the suction on one or more sides of the cube.
  5. Slowly “unroll” the cube in the direction of the vaginal opening.
  6. Repeat breaking the suction and unrolling until the cube is out.

How do you know if a pessary is working?

Remember that when the pessary is out, you will be able to feel the bulge. How do I know that a pessary is working well for me? If your vaginal bulge disappears when you are wearing the pessary and you have not had any issues which make it difficult for you to wear the pessary, then the pessary is working well for you.