How do you prepare for the capacity test?

How do you prepare for the capacity test?

How do you prepare for the capacity test?

Start training a minimum of 4 weeks before you are scheduled to take the test. For work hardening, you may want to train in the boots you will wear on the job. Ankle-height hiking or sport shoes should be worn during the test for ankle protection. For the Pack Test, begin by hiking a 3-mile flat course without a pack.

What is the arduous work capacity test?

The pack test is a job-related test of the capacity for arduous work. It consists of a 3-mile hike with a 45-pound pack over level terrain. A time of 45 minutes, the passing score for the test, approximates an aerobic fitness score of 45, the established standard for wildland firefighters.

How do you pass the pack test?

To complete the arduous pack test, participants must finish a three-mile hike across relatively level terrain while carrying a 45-pound pack in 45 minutes or less. An ability to complete the test in 45 minutes suggests an aerobic fitness score of 45, which is the standard for wildland firefighters.

What is a pack test?

The Work Capacity Test (WCT), known informally as the pack test, is a U.S. Forest Service physical test for wildland firefighters. The pack test is intentionally stressful as it tests the capacity of muscular strength and aerobic endurance of the firefighter. There are three tests known as arduous, moderate, and light.

What is work capacity?

Work capacity can be described as the maximal contribution of anaerobic and aerobic energy systems to administer force over a given distance in a specified time. Anaerobic capacity is most commonly reported in terms of peak power output, whereas aerobic capacity is usually expressed in terms of peak oxygen consumption.

Is the Pack Test Easy?

The pack test might seem a bit intimidating to those new to fire, and at first blush, it does seem a bit challenging. A 45lb pack is heavy. Three miles is a decent distance, and 45 minutes seems like a stiff pace.

How is work capacity calculated?

Get the availability and time off for each person. For each person, subtract time off from Net Work Hours, and multiply the result by his availability to get his individual capacity. Add up the individual capacities to get the Team capacity in person hours, and divide by eight to get the capacity in person-days.

How is work capacity measured?

More specifically, “capacity” is the maximum amount of work that can be completed in a given period. Capacity is often measured in hours available to be worked by employees. And in this context, “planning” is the act of scheduling employee hours against a fixed or expected amount of work.

What is a Type 2 fire crew?

The “Firefighter Type 2 (Crewmember)” forms the backbone of our efforts to manage or suppress wildland fire. These entry-level positions frequently work long days in hot, smoky conditions to build fire lines across rugged terrain with hand tools and chainsaws.

How fast do you have to walk for the pack test?

At the bare minimum, you need to walk at a 15 minute/mile pace, and most of your crew members will be walking much faster than that. If you’ve never fought fire before, or hiked with a hotshot crew, you’re probably accustomed to strolling around town at a leisurely pace.