How do you make a SLR parsing table?

How do you make a SLR parsing table?

How do you make a SLR parsing table?

Steps for constructing the SLR parsing table :

  1. Writing augmented grammar.
  2. LR(0) collection of items to be found.
  3. Find FOLLOW of LHS of production.
  4. Defining 2 functions:goto[list of terminals] and action[list of non-terminals] in the parsing table.

What is SLR parsing algorithm?

SLR (1) refers to simple LR Parsing. It is same as LR(0) parsing. The only difference is in the parsing table.To construct SLR (1) parsing table, we use canonical collection of LR (0) item. In the SLR (1) parsing, we place the reduce move only in the follow of left hand side.

What are the drawbacks of SLR 1 parser?

Drawbacks of SLR(1) On single input, State may be included a Final Item and a Non- Final Item. This may result in a Shift-Reduce Conflict . ❖ 2. A State may be included Two Different Final Items.

Is LR 0 and SLR same?

The only difference between LR(0) and SLR(1) is this extra ability to help decide what action to take when there are conflicts. Because of this, any grammar that can be parsed by an LR(0) parser can be parsed by an SLR(1) parser. However, SLR(1) parsers can parse a larger number of grammars than LR(0).

What are the three techniques for constructing LR parsing table?

There are three widely used algorithms available for constructing an LR parser:

  • SLR(1) – Simple LR Parser: Works on smallest class of grammar. Few number of states, hence very small table.
  • LR(1) – LR Parser: Works on complete set of LR(1) Grammar.
  • LALR(1) – Look-Ahead LR Parser: Works on intermediate size of grammar.

Where is SLR parser used?

SLR represents “Simple LR Parser”. It is very simple and economical to execute. But it fails to make a parsing table for some class of grammars, i.e., why CLR and LALR are used which implements mainly all class or type of grammars. It constructs parsing tables which helps to perform parsing of input strings.

What is statutory liquidity ratio with example?

This minimum percentage is called Statutory Liquidity Ratio. Example: If you deposit Rs. 100/- in bank, CRR being 9% and SLR being 11%, then bank can use 100-9-11= Rs. 80/- for giving loan or for investment purpose.

What are the different parsing conflicts in SLR parsing table?

There are two kinds of conflicts that can occur in an SLR(1) parsing table.

  • A shift-reduce conflict occurs in a state that requests both a shift action and a reduce action.
  • A reduce-reduce conflict occurs in a state that requests two or more different reduce actions.

Is shift shift conflict possible in SLR parser?

Since there is only one way to push the token onto the parsing stack, there generally cannot be any conflicts of this form.

How is LR parser different from SLR parser?

For constructing the LALR (1) parsing table, the canonical collection of LR (1) items is used….LALR Parser.

SLR Parser LALR Parser CLR Parser
SLR Parser is the smallest in size. LALR and SLR have the same size. As they have less number of states. CLR Parser is the largest. As the number of states is very large.