How do you make a garment spec sheet?

How do you make a garment spec sheet?

How do you make a garment spec sheet?

The following steps are involved in making a spec sheet.

  1. Develop a spec sheet template.
  2. Fill up the basic information regarding the design.
  3. Make a technical sketch of the garment.
  4. Specify all the measurements of the finished garments.
  5. Technical information to be provided on the spec sheet.

What should a garment specification sheet include?

Garment specification sheets include:

  1. Garment sketches. Usually front and back views. For complex garments additional detailed images may be needed.
  2. Measurement sheet for all sizes.
  3. Construction guidelines.
  4. Stitching details and seam types.
  5. Additional comments if needed.

How do I create a spec sheet in Excel?

Select “Insert” and “Table” to organize your specification sheet into columns and rows. Create two columns, one for a description of the specification, and one for the technical detail about the product. Allow enough rows for number of specifications that are included.

Which part of garment specification comes first?

Rather than trying to put all the details on one page, it is better to create pages for each section of the garment. The first page of the spec sheet, as shown in the pictures below, is the minimum textile performance required.

What is a spec sheet for a product?

What is a product specification sheet? A product specification sheet is a document that details what your product is. There should be a broad overview and numerous sections that detail the individual components that you want to be delivered in a product.

What is the difference between a spec sheet and a cut sheet?

A cut sheet, also known as a data sheet, technical data sheet, and/or specification sheet, is a document that summarizes the information and characteristics of a product, material, or piece of equipment.

What is a manufacturer specification sheet?

The Manufacturing Specification is an alternative to producing separate sheets for the manufacturing flow chart, sequence drawing and final 3D drawing. It is a concise sheet, which summaries each of these design sheets.

What is SNP in garment?

1 Chest – 1″ below armhole measure straight across, edge to edge. 2 Waist – At point specified below HPS (High Point Shoulder) or SNP (Side Neck Point).

How do you measure garments?

How to measure a jacket

  1. Chest is measured along line A.
  2. Shoulder is measured along line B, from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.
  3. Sleeve Length is measured from point C to D to E. (Point C is the centre seam on the inside of the jacket neck).
  4. Back Length is measured along line F, one the back of the jacket.

What is CF length?

Center Front (CF): Not to be confused with placket edges, the center front is an invisible line running vertically down the exact center of the front of a garment.