How do you help a horse with a side bone?

How do you help a horse with a side bone?

How do you help a horse with a side bone?

How can sidebones be treated? Fit a flat, wide-webbed shoe, with a rolled toe, wide at the quarters and heels and extending beyond the ground surface at the heels, to support the heel and encourage expansion. No nails should be used behind the mid-quarters. The horse should have an extended period of rest (6-8 weeks).

Can a horse recover from sidebone?

Recovery from sidebone is guarded, especially in cases where lameness has presented or there is excessive ossification in the collateral cartilages as well as hoof deformity.

Is Side bone hereditary?

Some horses appear to have a hereditary predisposition to sidebone because of conformation. Horses with narrow, upright feet or unbalanced feet, especially those that toe in or toe out, seem prone to the condition.

How does sidebone affect a horse?

Sidebone may also cause pain in the ligaments of the coffin joint. Sidebone is believed to result from concussive forces travelling through the foot during weight- bearing causing trauma to the collateral cartilages. This process tends to affect the front feet and is more common in older horses.

Does sidebone cause lameness?

Sidebone rarely causes lameness. This condition is the calcification of the collateral cartilages within the hoof—in other words, the pliable cartilage tissue ossifies, or develops into hardened bone. Sidebone is more common in heavy horses, and I have seen it most often in those who are toed-in.

What does sidebone look like?

Sidebone is the name given to the ossification (bony formations) of the flexible collateral cartilages of the distal phalanx (coffin bone) in the foot. These are found either side of the coffin bone in some horses protruding very little and in others, protruding up towards the level of the pastern joint.

What is side bone called?

Sidebone is a common condition of horses, characterized by the ossification of the collateral cartilages of the coffin bone.

What does Sidebone look like?

What is the difference between ringbone and sidebone?

Horses with low ringbone are rarely able to perform at a high level, though they may be able to do light work. Sidebone can be caused by the same conformation faults (particularly, a heavy horse with small feet) and types of strain as ringbone. Trauma such as a kick can also cause inflammation that leads to sidebone.

What is Jack spavin?

JACK SPAVIN is a term used to describe the presence of unusually large osseous lesion(s). HIGH SPAVIN denotes osseous pathology higher (more proximad) in the joint than is typical. OCCULT SPAVIN does not produce any significant bony projections (exostoses) associated with the distal tarsal joints.