How do you get socks in Goo Lagoon cave?

How do you get socks in Goo Lagoon cave?

How do you get socks in Goo Lagoon cave?

Get to the top of the ramp, then turn around and jump along the line of Floating Tikis. These will take you to a sandy walkway along the wall. Head down it, defeat the Fodder, Chomp and Monsoon Robots and then grab this Sock at the very end!

What are the socks for in SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom rehydrated?

You’ll want to find all 80 of Patrick’s socks, because not only will it help you 100 per cent complete the game, but you’ll need them in order to collect every golden spatula. Finding Patrick’s socks also unlocks a number of Trophies, including Sock Getter, Sock Concert, and Sock Opera.

Where are all of Patrick socks in Goo Lagoon?

All Patrick’s Socks in Goo Lagoon

Area Location Description
Goo Lagoon Pier On the area with the entrance to the Goo Lagoon Slide, to the left is a Clamsicles kart. Use it to jump onto the Food and Drinks stall

Where are the socks on SpongeBob game?

All you have to do is ransack the place: smash all of his furniture, art and Tikis, and the Sock will appear at the window next to Squidward.

How do you get the Sock in the water SpongeBob?

To get this Lost Sock, head to the bottom of the Slide in the Jellyfish Caves. Here, pick up the Freezy Fruit on the left and throw it into the goo lake to freeze it. Skate behind the stalagmites to find the Lost Sock!

How do you get all Patrick socks?

The first sock is in Spongebob’s house, in the library. There you need to solve a puzzle to get to the sock. The second sock is given by Patrick….For collecting all socks you will get the following achievements:

  1. Sock Gette (15)
  2. Sock Concert (40)
  3. Sock Opera (80)

Where can I find a lost Sock?

You just have to find them!

  • In your shoes.
  • Underneath pretty much anything.
  • In the lost sock pile.
  • Inside the belly of the sock monster.
  • Inside the washer drum or the black hole in the washing machine.
  • Somewhere around the washer and dryer.
  • Inside other clothes.
  • Inside a different dresser drawer.

How do you get the Sock in the water Spongebob?

How do you stun robots with Patrick?

One of Patrick’s moves is his Butt Stomp. To do it, you jump up into the air and press circle if you’re on PS4 (B on Xbox One or A on Switch) to slam back down on the ground. Sometimes, rather than defeating the robot, Patrick will stun them with the move, seeing them lie on the ground without moving.

Can Goo Lagoon exist?

It is not an actual lagoon, but is a lake, as seen in many episodes of the series. Activities at Goo Lagoon include surfing, dancing, volleyball, weight-lifting, and tanning.

How do you beat Robot Sandy?

The player must use Bubble Bash to hit the button, which will toss her head back to her body. After repeating this two more times, Robo-Sandy is subdued and falls to her defeat.