How do you get Dragonbone in battleaxe?

How do you get Dragonbone in battleaxe?

How do you get Dragonbone in battleaxe?

Can be randomly obtained in Skyrim or obtained by defeating the Keepers in the Soul Cairn and then looting the remains. It can also be created at a forge. It is also a possible weapon of a summoned Wrathman, though it is unable to be collected.

At what level do Dragonbone weapons appear?

It appears in leveled lists starting at level 40 (enchanted varieties at level 41). However, even after level 40, Dragonplate armor is twenty times less likely to appear than other armor types. Either Dragon Scales or Dragon Bone are used to temper the armor: 1 Dragon Bone is needed to temper the cuirass and shield.

Where can I find a Dragonbone War Axe in Skyrim?

One of the Keepers in Soul Cairn may carry a Dragonbone War Axe and it can be looted from its remains (after killing it).

How do you make Dragonbone weapons?

Dragonbone weapons can be crafted at a forge with a Smithing skill of 100 and the dragon armor perk. They are made primarily from dragon bone, ebony ingots and leather strips.

Can you enchant Dragonbone weapons?

Dragonbone weapons and armor and Dragonscale armor are all official content, that can be normally crafted and looted, so yes, they are enchantable.

Is Madness armor better than Dragonbone?

Madness Weapons[edit] Madness weapons are better than dragonbone weapons, but are slightly heavier.

Is Dragonplate armor good?

As a whole, a complete set of Daedric armor has a total armor rating of 144 compared to Dragonplate’s 136. Daedric is worth more too: a complete set of gear is valued at 7,650 as opposed to Dragonplate’s 5,075….Dragonplate Armor.

Name Dragonplate Shield
Armor 34
Weight 15
Value 1050

What is the best war axe in Skyrim?

The best War Axes in Skyrim

Weapon Damage Upgrade with
Dragonbone War Axe 16 Dragon Bone, Dragon Armor
Ebony War Axe 15 Ebony Ingot, Ebony Smithing
Daedric War Axe 15 Ebony Ingot, Daedric Smithing
Stalhrim War Axe 15 Stalhrim, Ebony Smithing