How do you find authors in AO3?

How do you find authors in AO3?

How do you find authors in AO3?

You can go to the ‘People’ page (in the main navigation of the Archive) and search all users. Follow the link on the name or pseud you want to see and you will go to their home page with their works, bookmarks, and profile. You can use the search box at the top right-hand corner of the page to search for a user’s name.

Can you see someones AO3 history?

Only you can access your History and Marked for Later list. It’s not available to anyone else on the site, including admins.

Can AO3 authors see private bookmarks?

If you mark a bookmark as private, no one other than you can access it. Even the creator of the work will only know that a bookmark was added—they won’t know who bookmarked the work, or any comments or tags they have included.

What is the most used tag on AO3?

[Data] The 100 most popular tags on AO3

  • Alternate Universe – 827100.
  • Fluff – 808281.
  • Angst – 640842.
  • Sexual Content – 550852.
  • Relationship(s) – 417439.
  • Sex – 397615.
  • Hurt/Comfort – 279388.
  • Romance – 271616.

Is there a way to filter AO3 history?

Thanks. Unfortunately, there’s no way to filter out entire media categories. The best suggestion I have is to individually filter out the most popular ones that are showing up in the tags you want to search.

How do you make AO3 dark?

For “dark mode,” you’ll want the one called Reversi. Click on the word Reversi and you’ll be in dark mode for the rest of your session. When you leave the site and return, your page will be back to the default white background again. It will now be permanent, when you’re logged in.

Can you see who bookmarked your work AO3?

Yes, you can view the people who have created public bookmarks for your works. You can find the list of people who’ve made public bookmarks for a specific work via that work’s blurb, which can be accessed from the work’s page, a user’s profile page, a fandom’s page, a collection’s page, or in search results.

What is the dead dove do not eat tag?

Dead Dove: Do Not Eat is a warning or tag used to indicate that a fanwork contains tropes or elements that may be deemed morally reprehensible without explicitly condemning the sensitive aspects.