How do you count facings?

How do you count facings?

How do you count facings?

The number of product facings is what’s important to manufacturers or product sellers. A company with just one box or can facing consumers on a shelf has only one facing for that brand. Two of the same brand sitting side by side equals two facings. Companies often produce various brands of products.

What are shelf facings?

Facing (also known as blocking, zoning, leveling, fronting, straightening, rumbling, conditioning or dressing) is a common tool in the retail industry to create the illusion of a perfectly stocked store by pulling all of the products on a display or shelf to the front, as well as down stacking all the canned and …

Why is facing important?

Facing makes a garment look professionally finished with the seams well hidden inside the folds of the facing. Facing is mostly used to finish the edges in necklines, armholes, hems and openings.

What are product facings?

The basic answer here would be that a product facing is simply the front of one of your products.

What are the types of facings and interfacing?

Interfacing is generally applied to the facing prior to stitching onto the garment. However, in some cases the interfacing may be applied to the facing after it is seamed. There are three basic types of facings: shaped facings, extended facings, and bias facings.

What is the planogram process?

The process of using a planogram for your retail store allows you to collect valuable data about how products and displays work. Mapping each product to its exact shelf or display location is like taking a magnifying glass to your data, helping you glean super actionable insights for in-store sales.

What is zoning softlines?

I looked it up and now know that ‘softlines’ means soft items such clothing and towels while to ‘zone’ something means tidying things up like what a customer puts something back but not where it’s supposed to be, knocks something off a rack/shelf & doesn’t pick it up, messes up how a product is displayed, leaves trash …

What is the purpose of facing in garments?

A facing is a piece of fabric used to finish raw edges of a garment at open areas, such as the neckline, armholes, and front and back plackets or openings. A facing may be a separate pattern piece to be added to the garment or an extension of the pattern piece itself.

What is a go back in retail?

Noun. go-back (plural go-backs) (retail) An item of merchandise that needs to be returned to a shelf or rack, for example because a customer has decided not to purchase it or has brought it back for an exchange.

What are the types of facings?

There are three basic types of facings: shaped facings, extended facings, and bias facings.