How do you compliment your brother?

How do you compliment your brother?

How do you compliment your brother?

Give him a compliment.

  1. “You have great ideas! You’re always so creative.”
  2. “I’m super lucky to have you as a brother. “
  3. “You’re so fun to play with because you’re so athletic.”
  4. “I really like your smile.”

How do you wish a proud moment?

I’m So Proud Of You Quotes

  1. “I’m so proud of you that it makes me proud of me.
  2. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
  3. “If you can look in your mother’s eyes and she’s proud of you, then you’re a champion.”
  4. “Be proud of your scars.

What should I post to my brother?

Big Brother Quotes For Captions

  • Big pain with a big heart, that’s my big brother.
  • Looking out for yours truly ever since I was born, love you big bro!
  • Big bro’s always got my back.
  • I always looked up to my big brother, and I still do.
  • Couldn’t imagine life without my big bro.

How do you express proud feelings?

“That was hard work, but you did it!” “I’m really proud of what you’ve accomplished. I saw the amount of effort you put into it.”…How to tell your friends and your partner you are proud of them

  1. “I enjoy seeing you overcome this difficulty!
  2. “You look so happy with your accomplishment!
  3. “Congrats on the new job!

How do you motivate your brother?

Show your brother you love him. Set good boundaries with him about how much time, money and energy you will give him, and then live YOUR life. Think about how hard it is for you to change something you don’t like about yourself.

How do you wish your brother?

Happy Birthday Brother

  1. Happy Birthday my wonderful brother!
  2. Happiest Birthday my amazing brother!
  3. Happy Birthday Brother!
  4. Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother!
  5. To my dearest brother, Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday my favorite brother!
  7. Warm and heartfelt wishes on this special day, I hope you know I love you so much.