How do you complete taking independence in Fallout 4?

How do you complete taking independence in Fallout 4?

How do you complete taking independence in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4: Taking Independence – Regain the Castle

  1. Meet the Minutemen Near the Castle.
  2. Decide on a Plan of Attack.
  3. Wait for the Minutemen to Get into Position.
  4. Clear the Courtyard.
  5. Destroy the Egg Clutches.
  6. Kill the Mirelurk Queen.
  7. Meet the Minutemen in the Courtyard.
  8. Power Up the Radio Transmitter.

What is the quest ID for taking independence?

Taking Independence

Editor ID Min02
Base ID 0003a457

Can you get the declaration of independence without Sydney?

Sydney can be completely avoided. By entering the backdoor of the National Archives, one can bypass the rotunda and retrieve the Declaration of Independence. Upon returning to the rotunda, Sydney will not be there. The super mutant attack in the rotunda is still triggered, however.

When should you retake the castle?

Once the Sole Survivor has recruited at least four settlements to the Minutemen cause, this quest can begin. The next time Preston is talked to, he will bring up the idea of retaking the Castle, suggesting that the radio transmitter there would help with communicating with the growing number of allied settlements.

How do you trigger taking independence?

According to the Wikia: Once you have established approximately four settlements, including Sanctuary Hills, for the Minutemen, talk to Preston Garvey. He’ll tell you about the Castle, the former headquarters of the Minutemen.

What happens if you take the castle without the Minutemen?

These will be settlements of your own however nothing obliges you to do anything in them. They just need to join the Minuteman, and you can forget about their existence entirely. You could even scrap everything and take all the resources before you leave.