How do you cheat on Fable 2?

How do you cheat on Fable 2?

How do you cheat on Fable 2?

Hit “B” to go back to the main pause menu and quit the game as the second player (the first player, your character, will still be standing around) Now, pick controller one back up, and go into your Abilities.

Are there cheats for Dawn of Man?

As of right now, there are no cheats in Dawn of Man. There aren’t many mods either so as far changing the base game up, you don’t have many options. While there aren’t any cheats to input or many mods to install, there is an option that would allow you to change virtually anything in the game.

How do you make a lot of money in Fable 2?

By following this recipe for making money in Fable 2, you shouldn’t have to work another day in the game….Secrets to Making Money in Fable 2

  1. When you first begin the game, get a job as a blacksmith.
  2. Buy a few cheap houses and then the Pants!
  3. Use the earnings to buy the pub, blacksmith shop, and some more houses.
  4. Viola!

How do you cheat on PlanetBase?

How to Use Max Stats Cheats for PlanetBase: The Key to activate the cheat script is “CAPS LOCK”. By pressing this key you maximize statistics of any object that you have selected or performances as Health, Integrity etc. Also if you select a bot it will repair it and maximize it stats.

How do you grow population in Dawn of Man?

Basically build more houses than you need and upgrade them as soon as you can. Houses provide quite a lot of prestige and you will need space for immigrants to move into. I always have 2-3 spare houses at any one time.

Can you dye your hair in Fable 2?

Dyes can be purchased all throughout Albion from stylists, tailors, or found as treasure in Fable II. Dyes can range from a variety of colours and are primarily used to change the colour of either the Hero’s clothing or hair. The Dyes can be found in the Pause menu under Items.

How do you become evil on Fable 2?

– Purity and Corruption – Funny and Scary – Love and Hate – Wealthy and Poor

What is the best ending to choose in Fable 2?

If Sacrifice: A statue of yourself in Bowerstone Old Town. Retribution is the final main quest of Fable II, and is split into the following sections: At the beginning of this quest, Theresa has transported you and the three heroes to the top of Heroes’ Hill in Bower Lake.

What is in the Guild chest on Fable 2?

The Guild Cave is the first hostile area visited by the Hero of Bowerstone, and remains an important location throughout the story of Fable II. It also is the smallest region in the game. The entrance to the Guild Cave is through the broken floor of the Old Tomb, a small crypt sitting on an island in the middle of Bower Lake .

What are the secret weapons in Fable 2?

The Enforcer

  • The Perforator
  • The Rammer
  • The Red Dragon
  • Hal’s Rifle