How do you change the Time on a Nortel NorStar phone?

How do you change the Time on a Nortel NorStar phone?

How do you change the Time on a Nortel NorStar phone?

Time Change Instructions for Nortel Norstar Telephone Systems

  1. Press the following keys: FEATURE **8463.
  2. Enter 23646 (Default Passcode)
  3. You can simply change your System Time By using your Softkeys (3-buttons directly below the LCD display).

How do I set the date and Time on my NorStar phone?

  1. Press Feature **8463.
  2. Enter the Admin Password (the default password is 23646)
  3. Press Change.
  4. Enter the Hour.
  5. Press Next.
  6. Press Change.
  7. Enter Minutes. Go to step 8 to alter the Date or step 14 to Exit programming.
  8. Press Next, the display shows Year.

How do I change the Time on my Nortel T7316?

When using a M7310 or T7316 you will find the right 2 buttons beneath the display are NEXT and SHOW. First start by entering the Programming Mode by Pressing Feature and * * and the password default of 266344 and the display should show Terminals & Sets. Next Press Next 5 times so the display reads Time and Date.

How do I change the Time on my NorStar M7310 phone?

The right side buttons from top to bottom will be the Show and then Next Button. Using these buttons, press NEXT until you see “Time & Date” on the display. Press the SHOW button to see the current hour displayed. Press the CHANGE softkey to change the hour, then the NEXT softkey to change the minutes.

How do I change the time on my desk phone?

Press Program, and then press <<<| |>>> until “Time and Date Set?” is shown on the display. Press Hold, and then enter the date using the format shown on the display. Enter the time in 24-hour format. Press Hold to save the new date and time settings.

How do I change my display name on Nortel Networks phone?

To change the name, press the top right line key, then press the key directly below it two times, or until your display shows “Name:”. Next, press the CHANGE softkey and use the keypad to enter the new name for the extension (up to 7 characters including spaces).

How do I change my ip time?

Setting up IP Office so that time can be updated from a System Phone:

  1. Open IP Office Manager on your PC.
  2. Click on System and then System tab.
  3. Set Time Setting Config Source = None.
  4. Click on User.
  5. Click on the User tab and select the following:
  6. Click OK.
  7. Save and Merge.