How do you calculate degrees minutes and seconds in Excel?

How do you calculate degrees minutes and seconds in Excel?

How do you calculate degrees minutes and seconds in Excel?

Use this formula “=HOUR(A3)*60+MINUTE(A3)+SECOND(A3)/60”, where the time is in cell A3 (or just “=HOUR(A3)*60+MINUTE(A3)”, if you want to ignore the seconds).

How do I calculate degrees in an Excel spreadsheet?

The Excel DEGREES function converts angles (expressed in radians) to degrees. For example, the formula =DEGREES(PI()) returns 180. angle – Angle in radians that you want to convert to degrees….Converting degrees to radians manually.

Formula Degrees
=2*PI() 360
=PI() 180
=90*PI()/180 90
=45*PI()/180 45

How do I convert latitude and longitude to coordinates in Excel?


  1. Add a heading (such as Decimal) to a blank column.
  2. Copy and paste the formula above into a cell under your new heading.
  3. Change the degree, minutes, and second placeholders in the formula to the corresponding cell number (i.e. A2)
  4. Drag or copy the formula down the rest of the column.

How do you calculate minutes to seconds?

Multiply the number of minutes by 60.

  1. For example, if you are converting 11 minutes, multiply it by 60 to get 660 seconds.
  2. Or, if you are converting 20 minutes, try 20 x 60 = 1,200 seconds.

What is the formula to calculate degree?

Yes, we can convert negative radian to a degree using the radian to degree formula. The formula is Degrees = Radians × 180 / π and it can be used for both positive and negative values.

What is degree formula?

Now, since we know that Pi =180◦, we can use a general formula that is degrees x PI()/180 to get the radians figure. For example, 45◦ x PI()/180 is equal to 0.7854 radians. If we enter the formula =DEGREES(PI()), we will get the result as 180◦.

How do you add minutes and seconds?

For example, add the times 1:30:45 and 2:45:20 together.

  1. Add hours, minutes, and seconds separately: hours = 1 + 2 = 3 hours.
  2. Seconds are greater than 60, so add 1 minute and subtract 60 seconds: minutes = 75 + 1 = 76 minutes.
  3. Minutes are greater than 60, so add 1 hour and subtract 60 minutes: hours = 3 + 1 = 4 hours.