How do I share MyNetDiary?

How do I share MyNetDiary?

How do I share MyNetDiary?

You can share your recipe with other MyNetDiary members or with people who do not use MyNetDiary. To share your recipe, choose View This Recipe, then tap Share at the bottom of the screen.

Is MyNetDiary a good app?

This app is the best app out there and it keeps getting better! It’s customizable and the interface is beautiful! It keeps track of my food, workouts and imports my steps from the health app! Their support team is very responsive and helpful!

How accurate is MyNetDiary?

MyNetDiary has over 1,200,000 professionally-entered and verified foods with accurate information on servings, providing excellent coverage of the US, Canada, UK, and Australia markets. MyNetDiary’s foods database is more reliable with all verified foods, and there are few duplicates in MyNetDiary.

How much does MyNetDiary cost?

Even a small investment of $60 for annual membership – that’s $5/month or about 17 cents/day makes you more committed and your diet successful in the long run. MyNetDiary Premium is easier and smarter than Weight Watchers Online, which costs $18.95/month.

Can you add friends on MyNetDiary?

Also, you can start a new topic with other people from your groups and teams, which will add them as friends.

How do I import a recipe into MyNetDiary?

You can import recipes from your iOS web browser or your MyNetDiary app. From the app: Go to the Me tab, then tap Recipe Import. (see below). You can choose from the extensive list of suggested recipe sites, or you can type in or copy the address of your favorite recipe website.

Who owns MyNetDiary?

Vasili Smaliak – CTO
Vasili Smaliak – CTO and Co-founder – MyNetDiary, Inc.

What does MyNetDiary cost?

How do I reset my net diary?

Restarting Diet The Start Over button on the Plan tab lets you quickly delete weigh-ins prior to today. This is “fresh” start, as if you only started with MyNetDiary today. If you only want to update your diet plan, set another weight loss rate, target date, or target weight, you don’t need to start over!