How do I set my eeprom boot device?

How do I set my eeprom boot device?

How do I set my eeprom boot device?

How to Change the Default Boot Device by Using the eeprom Utility

  1. Become the root role.
  2. Specify the alternate device from which to boot. # eeprom boot-device new-boot-device.
  3. Verify that the new boot parameter has been set. # eeprom boot-device. The output should display the new eeprom value for the boot-device parameter.

How do you set Devalias?

Choose one of the following commands to set the net device alias.

  1. To set the net device alias for this installation only, use the devalias command. ok devalias net device-path. net device-path.
  2. To permanently set the net device alias, use the nvalias command. ok nvalias net device-path. net device-path.

How do I find the ok prompt boot path?

At the ok> prompt, use the show-disks command to view the available disks on the system and select the boot-device path that you checked before in first step at command line. Note that at OBP level the device path will be slightly different than the one you checked at the command line.

What is OBP Solaris?

The OBP (OpenBoot PROM) provides a list of useful OBP commands. It helps in booting, configuring, and performing diagnostics on the Sun SPARC hardware and clones. Some of the OBP commands are, Power-off – it will halt the box and turn off the power.

Where is boot device in Solaris 11?

How to identify the boot device (primary and alternate) in…

  1. In a general production environment you’ll find the OS root disk is mirrored to avoid any single point of failures.
  2. ok> printenv boot-device boot-device = rootdisk mirrordisk.

How do I change the boot device in OK prompt?

Change the Default Boot Device (ok Prompt)

  1. Get to the ok prompt. See Accessing the ok Prompt.
  2. Configure the boot-device parameter with the correct boot device. ok setenv boot-device boot-device. where boot-device is a valid device from which to boot.
  3. Verify the change. ok printenv boot-device.
  4. Reset the host. ok reset-all.

How do I get OK prompt in Solaris?

On a Sun keyboard, press the two keys STOP and A . That will get you an OK prompt.