How do I reset my Citrix Receiver on my iPad?

How do I reset my Citrix Receiver on my iPad?

How do I reset my Citrix Receiver on my iPad?

Right-click the Workspace/Receiver icon in the system tray. Click Advanced Preferences. Click Reset Citrix Workspace or Reset Citrix Receiver. Be aware that you may lose all favorites configured on this device, and you will lose all settings configured on the app.

Why can’t I log into Citrix Receiver?

Citrix receiver login problems are often caused due to issues like installing a new application, an OS update, configuration changes and high profile load. You can also have the user log in once again to re-generate the logon duration graph.

How do I add a user to my Citrix app?

From the Citrix Workspace app home page, click the down arrow and select Accounts. From the Add Account dialog, select Add and complete the information provided by your administrator.

How do I connect my iPad to Citrix?

To access the Citrix Remote Desktop from an iPad you will first need to download the Citrix Receiver app. 1 On the iPad home screen tap the App Store icon. 2 In the search field type Citrix workspace. Select the Citrix Workspace app in the results and tap the download (cloud) icon or GET as appropriate.

How do I open Citrix Receiver on iPad?

To access the Citrix Receiver on your apple device, you must install the official Citrix Receiver App from the App Store Page 2 Open the app store, and search for “Citrix” in the search field. Choose Citrix Receiver for iPad on the drop down. Pick the app titled Citrix Receiver from The list of results.

How do I log into Citrix on my iPad?

Can’t connect to Citrix?

Ensure that the latest version of Workspace is installed. Ensure that the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) on the Storefront and Citrix Gateway match and also ensure that the sequence of STA matches. Ensure that there is no certificate trust issues. Ensure that the certificate chain is complete.

Why does Citrix Receiver need email address?

Users can set up a Citrix Receiver account by entering an email address or a server URL. Citrix Receiver determines the Access Gateway, StoreFront server, or AppController virtual appliance associated with the email address and then prompts the user to log on and proceeds with the installation.

How do I create a Citrix account?

Create a New User Account ID / Org ID

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Create Account’
  3. Select “Create Customer Account”
  4. Complete profile information and select ‘Continue’
  5. Follow the online screen prompts to complete the creation of the new account.