How do I recover files from Livedrive?

How do I recover files from Livedrive?

How do I recover files from Livedrive?

File/folder selection

  1. Click “View Files” to navigate down into folders.
  2. Click “Restore” next to a folder to restore the whole folder and its subfolders.
  3. Click “Restore” next to an individual file if you only want to restore that one.
  4. Use the “Show deleted” check box to control whether deleted files/folders are shown.

How do I remove livedrive from my Mac?

Mac Users: How to Uninstall Livedrive If necessary: go to Finder and then select Applications, Utilities and then click on Activity Monitor. Select LivedriveCore and click Quit Process to stop Livedrive running. Once Livedrive has stopped running, please download the uninstaller.

How do I download livedrive?

You can get Livedrive 1.10 free by logging into and clicking on the Windows or Mac download button. If you already have the software installed we will prompt you to update to version 1.10 in the next few weeks.

How much does livedrive cost?

Livedrive also offers two business plans: Business Express and Business Standard. The Express plan costs $50 a month and includes 2TB, with both storage and sync for up to three user accounts. The Standard plan costs $160 a month, and offers 10TB and up to 10 user accounts.

Is livedrive safe?

Privacy and Security Livedrive says it transfers files to its servers using TLS 1.2 encryption, but it does not encrypt regular backup files locally before upload or at rest on the servers, which is something the vast majority of other services do.

Is livedrive free?

There’s no free plan (outside of trials) like those offered by competitors, including iDrive and OpenDrive. Compared with other backup services, Livedrive is expensive.

How good is livedrive?

Livedrive is a straightforward backup option that offers unlimited storage along with strong apps across desktop and mobile platforms. However, you’ll pay a high monthly fee to get all of its features, and Livedrive doesn’t offer several standard backup scheduling and encryption options.

How much is livedrive?

It offers an unlimited amount of space to back up as many files as you’d like from one computer. Livedrive Backup runs $8.99 /month, or $7.50 /month if you opt for the yearly plan ($89.90).