How do I move Inetpub to another drive?

How do I move Inetpub to another drive?

How do I move Inetpub to another drive?

So, simply create your new inetpub folder on the required drive, and give it the same permissions as the standard one as a baseline. When you setup new sites you’re asked to enter the path that the site will be found, at which point you simply point to the site to the relevant folder on your chosen drive.

Where is the Inetpub folder location?

The inetpub folder is in the C drive (C:\inetpub) and has five subfolders: The \inetpub\adminscripts subfolder of the inetpub folder is home to administration scripts that allow you to automate server administration tasks and remotely administer the website served from the inetpub folder.

How do I change the default path in IIS?

How to change physical path of IIS application/web site

  1. Start -> Run -> inetmgr.
  2. Expand server name, expand Sites.
  3. right-click on the Site/application that needs the path changes.
  4. Manage application/Web Site -> Advanced Settings.
  5. Change physical path as necessary.

Can I move Inetpub?

Take owner of c:\inetpub and correct the rights so you can move it, usually some files in sub folders are owned by “TrustedInstaller” and you cannot move it.

How do I move wwwroot folder?

Open IIS Manager, Drill down to the Default Web Site > Manage Website > Advanced Settings > Physical Path > Change accordingly > OK.

Can I delete C :\ Inetpub?

When the computer is not supposed to be used as a web server, you can delete Inetpub folder. Especially when this is causing some issues or you don’t want to risk any of the vulnerabilities. This folder is useless and you can definitely delete it if you are not using the IIS or hosting websites on the computer.

How do I edit virtual path in IIS?

Click On Sites on the Left navigation of IIS Manager. Right Click on Site where you want to Add Virtual Path and Choose Add Virtual Directory. Put the Short Name of Application/Website in Alias Field. and Put the Exact Physical Path of Application in Physical Path Textbox.

What is the physical path in IIS?

Physical path – This is the actual path the file is located by IIS. Virtual path – This is the logical path to access the file which is pointed to from outside of the IIS application folder. Let’s display this image from Hard-drive ‘E’ using a virtual directory in IIS Default web site.

How do I host a folder in IIS?

2 Answers

  1. Launch IIS Manager.
  2. Right click the Default Web Site and navigate to Manage Website > Advanced Settings.
  3. Under Default settings, update the physical path to point to the folder where the app resides.

How to change the local database file location?

– The database will be moved (!not copied!) to a new location; – Make sure that your UI is running under administrator; – Make sure that your Backup service is stopped. Otherwise, you will receive an error.

How do I change the default backup location?

Change the default location for backup files. Click File > Options > Save & Backup. Under Save, in the Paths list, click Backup Folder, and then click Modify. In the Select Folder dialog box, navigate to the location of the folder where you want OneNote to store backup files, and then click Select.

How to change install location?

Switch to the Library tab on the interface of Epic Games Launcher.

  • Locate the game and then click the Settings gear on the game thumbnail.
  • Click the Uninstall option.
  • How to change the default backup location?

    Bring up SSMS

  • Right click on the instance name and select the “Properties” item: SSMS Properties
  • On the “Properties” window click on the “Database Settings” Database Settings
  • On the “Server Properties” page you can change “Backup” location under the “Database default locations” section: Backup Location