How do I make a briefing book in Obiee?

How do I make a briefing book in Obiee?

How do I make a briefing book in Obiee?

The Create New Briefing Book page appears. Type a name and a description for the briefing book, and then save the briefing book. The briefing book appears in the Current Briefing Books list at the Save Briefing Book Content page. Click the Cancel button to return to Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards.

What is a Obiee briefing book?

A briefing book is a collection of static or updatable snapshots of dashboard pages, individual analyses, and BI Publisher reports. If your organization licensed Oracle BI Briefing Books, you can store a static snapshot of dashboard pages or individual requests in one or more briefing books.

What is Dashboard in OTBI?

A dashboard contains pages of analyses, prompts that filter information, and other objects. From the catalog folders or search results, open a dashboard to view. Select values for any dashboard prompts to filter the dashboard.

What is Traverse permission in Obiee?

Traverse – Allows the user or groups to access objects in folders within the selected folder when the user does not have permission to the selected folder. Example: The user is granted Traverse permission to the /shared/test folder.

What is briefing book in Obiee 11G?

OBIEE – Briefing Book A Briefing Book is a collection of static or updatable snapshots of : an Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard. of an individual analyses (Answer) and BI Publisher reports (for 11G)

What is .ATR file in Obiee?

e OBIEE Catalog there is the object itself, either a file or directory, and there is an associated ATR file. The ATR file is a binary file that defines the access control for the object.

What is a Obiee web catalog?

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), IT Security. The presentation catalog (Web Catalog) stores the content that users create within OBIEE. While the Catalog uses the presentation layer objects, do not confuse the presentation layer within the RPD with the presentation catalog.

How do I add a report to the dashboard in Oracle Fusion?

“Adding Reports to Dashboard Pages”…To add a report to a dashboard page:

  1. Edit the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the page to which you want to add a report.
  3. Select a report in one of the following ways:
  4. Set the properties of the object.
  5. Complete the fields in the properties dialog as appropriate.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Save.

What is Bip report?

BIP is the customize reporting tool. Oracle Fusion has provided BIP to create custom reports or to meet the need of the business which is not achievable through OTBI reporting tool. BIP is most similar like Oracle RDF report in which we creates Data Models , Different -2 groups then Link groups with Data Links.