How do I launch a new website checklist?

How do I launch a new website checklist?

How do I launch a new website checklist?

Website Launch Checklist

  1. Make sure your SSL certificate works.
  2. Update your CMS to the latest version.
  3. Set up a backup solution.
  4. Integrate an analytics solution.
  5. Make sure all pages you need are in place.
  6. Prepare for 404s.
  7. Test your site’s navigation and internal links.
  8. Proofread your content and copy.

Which items should be included in a successful launch checklist?

Product launch checklist

  • Perform market research.
  • Create your positioning statement.
  • Present to stakeholders.
  • Develop a go-to-market strategy.
  • Develop a media plan.
  • Assign roles for the team.
  • Consider bonuses.
  • Choose a day for the launch.

How do you pre launch?

6 Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies.

  1. Build and Optimize Your Landing Page for Pre-Launch Lead Generation.
  2. Run A Pre-Launch Raffle to Generate Buzz and Capture Leads.
  3. Leverage Social Media to Build the Hype.
  4. Work with the Right Influencers.
  5. Create a Press Kit for PR.
  6. Host Virtual and In-Person Events.
  7. Objective.
  8. Approach.

What day is best to launch a website?

According to the web development community, it’s Tuesday. Launching a website on Tuesday gives you both the energy of the beginning of the week, while still affording you several weekdays to iron out any issues or bugs.

What is included in a launch plan?

The purpose of a launch plan is to define how you will achieve your go-to-market strategy in the near future. It details the activities that need to happen to achieve this, ensuring that your launch reaches the right audience.

What is a launch roadmap?

A product launch roadmap is a visual communication tool that illustrates how a new product will hit the market. It crosses all teams involved – from product, development, marketing, and sales. It outlines all tasks required to ensure that pre-launch, launch and post-launch tactics are successfully executed.

What are the main checks need to be done before releasing the application to live?

So here are a couple of things to validate before you press the ‘go-live’ button on that wonderful web application of yours….General

  • Does the application handle extremely large input?
  • Does it handle boundary values properly?
  • Do you have validation?
  • Do you validate mismatched value types?

What are the top five most essential steps you’d include on a Web design checklist and why?

5-Step Web Design Checklist for Creating Effective Websites

  • Establishing a client brief.
  • Planning the strategy and technical details of the project.
  • Creating the website design.
  • Developing and testing the website.
  • Launching and maintaining the website.

What is the best day to launch a website?