How do I get from Ephesus to Kusadasi port?

How do I get from Ephesus to Kusadasi port?

How do I get from Ephesus to Kusadasi port?

Ephesus Travel: Taking a taxi from Kusadasi port to Ephesus It is possible to take a taxi from the Kusadasi harbour to Ephesus. You will find taxis parked right in front of the Kusadasi Scala Nuova port complex. Before you jump into one of the taxis you should agree on a price.

Is Kusadasi and Ephesus the same?

Ephesus Info. Ephesus – The ruins of Ephesus is 18km away from Kusadasi and it is one of the best preserved ancient cities of the world. It was built by Attic and Ionian Greek colonists in the 10BC and it is a very important UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site.

How do I get to Ephesus?

Ephesus is located 450 miles south of Istanbul and it is 9 hours bus drive. Our recommendation would be to take a flight from Istanbul to Izmir and drive from Izmir Airport to Ephesus. Ephesus is 45 minutes drive from the airport of Izmir. The other way of transportation is to take a bus from Istanbul.

How do I get from Kusadasi to Efes?

Step 1. Walking out from Kusadasi Cruise Port Premises and reaching to the First Bus Stop to Catch the Bus going to the main inter-county bus stop for Ephesus. For this we need to walk around 4 minutes out from the Cruise Port and walk straight ahead until we see the sign D for the Bus stop.

How much is a taxi from Kusadasi to Ephesus?

It takes 25 minutes drive to go to the Ancient City of Ephesus and House of Virgin Mary from Kusadasi Port. There is no set fare for taxis. The prices are negotiable. The approximate cost is 80 Euro.

What port is near Ephesus?

Kusadasi is a cruise port and resort town on Turkey’s central Aegean Sea coast, and located south of Izmir. Kusadasi is also a major ferry port and serves as seaport for Ephesus (ancient Greek city in Turkey’s in İzmir Province).

Is Ephesus worth visiting?

If you have the opportunity to visit then do – it’s well worth travelling to. Ephesus is both fascinating and amazing and also quite beautiful. The site is very large and takes at least several hours to get around. I recommend getting a tour guide, but research first to ensure you have a good one.

Is Ephesus open?

Ephesus is open during COVID-19 Ephesus Ancient City is open between 10.00am and 3.30pm. Kindly note that there is lock down on weekends in Turkey. Foreigners are exempted from the lock down. But some sites like House of Virgin Mary is closed on Weekends.

Is it safe to travel to Ephesus Turkey?

Ephesus and Selcuk are safe and approximately 1000 km away from the conflict zones of the Middle East. In my lifetime, I have not seen any conflict or terrorism fear in this area. Turkish security forces have protected the area with extra care for many years because it is a vital place for Turkey’s tourism industry.

How much is taxi from Kusadasi to Bodrum?

600 ₺ – 750 ₺
The quickest way to get from Kusadasi to Bodrum is to taxi which costs 600 ₺ – 750 ₺ and takes 2h 2m.

How far is the cruise port from Kusadasi?

Kusadasi cruise port is conveniently located in the center of the town, only 5 minutes walking distance from the shopping area. It consists of two parallel piers that can accommodate 4 cruise ships simultaneously. As you get off the ship you will need to walk to the end of the pier in order to exit the terminal.

Was Ephesus a port?

Ephesus was an ancient port city whose well-preserved ruins are in modern-day Turkey. The city was once considered the most important Greek city and the most important trading center in the Mediterranean region.