How do I get feedback on my Oxford application?

How do I get feedback on my Oxford application?

How do I get feedback on my Oxford application?

If you wish to receive further information on any aspect of an application, including a decision not to call you for interview, or the reasons why your application has been unsuccessful, you should make a request, preferably in writing, to the Tutor for Admissions of the relevant college.

Does Oxford ever give unconditional offers?

Oxford only gives unconditional offers for people who have already achieved their A2 (or equivalent) qualifications. There’s simply no reason for Oxford to give out unconditionals for those with pending qualifications.

What is the acceptance rate for Oxford 2020?

University of Oxford has accepted around 3,300 undergraduate students from over 23,000 applications in 2020. This indicates an extremely selective admission policy with an undergraduate acceptance rate of 14%.

How do Oxford decide who to interview?

“We only interview those who have a realistic chance of getting in, when judged by past and predicted exam results, school reports, personal statements and the pre-interview test. Candidates from overseas may be considered without interview.”

What does Oxford look for in an applicant?

The only things that Oxford students have in common are academic ability and intellectual curiosity. Our students come from all over the world and bring with them an amazing range of backgrounds and interests.

How do I get feedback on my college’s admission decision?

Feedback on admissions decisions should be requested from the college which considered the application, before 15 February in the year after the application was made.

How do I authenticate a third party to give feedback on applications?

An email to the college from the applicant, copied in to the third party, confirming that they have the right to ask for feedback is normally acceptable as authentication.

How long does it take to receive feedback from a tutor?

The communication may be from a college tutor or the senior selector concerned, but the Tutor for Admissions (or a person within the college designated by the tutor for the purpose) will consider the communication before it is sent. Feedback will generally be provided by letter or email within twenty working days of receipt of the request.