How do I get admission into KM Music Conservatory?

How do I get admission into KM Music Conservatory?

How do I get admission into KM Music Conservatory?

Applicants should have 12th Standard English at above 55%, or IELTS Pass at 6.0. Enquiries are also welcome from applicants with equivalent musical experience or qualifications, in which case an interview and audition will be required.

What is the full form of KM music Conservatory?

It was founded in 2008 by the A. R. Rahman foundation with a vision to develop and nurture an education in music for all who have the passion to learn. Note: According to some sources, KM in KMMC stands for Khwaja Moinuddin.

Where is A. R. Rahman institute?

KM Music Conservatory (KMMC) is a higher education institution founded in 2008 by the A. R. Rahman foundation. Located in Arumbakkam, Chennai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the conservatory offers a range of part-time and full-time courses in Hindustani and Western classical music and music technology.

Where is KM music from?

First video Km Music is a Greek YouTube channel that uploads a wide variety of videos that are somewhat related to music, dance, movie scenes, and more. The channel was launched on July 14, 2014, and its owner is currently residing in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Does AR Rahman teach music?

Rahman said he felt the need for a school to teach talented musicians production and technology skills. “I have finally opened my music conservatory,” he said. “In the coming months we will have students and singers training in performances and production.

Where did AR Rahman learn music?

Sekhar died when Rahman was 9 years old, and by age 11 he was playing piano professionally to help support his family. He dropped out of school, but his professional experience led to a scholarship to study at Trinity College, Oxford, where he received a degree in Western classical music.

Is AR Rahman rich?

The Net worth of Rahman Sir is estimated to be around 80 Million USD, which in Indian Currency is approximately 595 Crore Indian Rupee (i.e. Five Hundred and Ninty Five Crore INR). He charges a massive 9 Crore per movie remuneration.

Is AR Rahman Pitch Perfect?

Composer AR Rahman, who recently recorded a song with cricketer Virat Kohli, says he was “pitch perfect” in the recording studio. AR Rahman, whose first Hindi film as a music composer was Mani Ratnam’s Roja (1992), will collaborate with the film-maker for the 11th time for his upcoming film.

What is the qualification of AR Rahman?

Studying in Madras, Rahman graduated with a diploma in Western classical music from the school.