How do I get a discount at Luray Caverns?

How do I get a discount at Luray Caverns?

How do I get a discount at Luray Caverns?

There are several ways you can get discounts on your entrance to Luray Caverns.

  1. Children 5 and under: no charge when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. Groups of 20 or more receive discounted admission.
  3. $9.50 student tickets (through grade 12) for school-sponsored educational groups with 15 students.

How much does it cost to get into Luray Caverns?

Luray Caverns, 101 Cave Hill Road, Luray, Va.; spring hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; adults $27, kids ages 6 to 12 $14, kids under 5 free. Luray Caverns is a special place, but it’s not unique: Virginia is home to nearly 4,000 known caves, some of which are accessible to the general public.

Which caverns are better Luray or Shenandoah?

So, Which Shenandoah Valley Cavern? When it comes down to choosing between the two, it’s personal preference. For those who are ready to be humbled by incredibly massive cavern formations and don’t mind larger tour groups, Luray Caverns is the way to go.

How long does it take to walk through Luray Caverns?

The tour of Virginia’s Luray Caverns takes place over 1.25 miles of a paved walkway, and it usually takes a little over an hour to complete.

Is Luray Caverns worth?

Luray Caverns is not worth no $23 for adults, maybe $10 at most. We had more fun in the maze and the museum then the caverns, after about 10 minutes in the caverns it got boring.

Can you take pictures in Luray Caverns?

Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. Some of the key aspects are to get a tripod and shoot at low ISO rating. The light will be very poor at some places making it hard to photograph. In such cases, look for high-contrast scenes and try to make some artistic photographs.

Which cavern in Virginia is best?

9 Best Caverns in Virginia

  1. Luray Caverns. Dream Lake in the Luray Caverns.
  2. Shenandoah Caverns. Shenandoah Caverns.
  3. Grand Caverns. Grand Caverns.
  4. Skyline Caverns. Skyline Caverns.
  5. Natural Bridge Caverns. Natural Bridge Caverns | Photo Copyright: Virginia Tourism Corporation.
  6. Endless Caverns.
  7. Dixie Caverns.
  8. Gap Caverns.

Do animals live in Luray Caverns?

complete their entire life cycle in caves: Many animals frequent or utilize caves a specific listing would include mammals, estivating reptiles and many insects. Bats, bears, raccoons, foxes are frequent temporary cave dwellers.

Which is better Luray or Grand Caverns?

Grand Caverns is much smaller than the Luray Caverns but that’s one of the reasons why I loved this tour so much – it felt so intimate. All the rock formations are much closer, the ceilings are lower and it simply feels like you’ve been transported to a magical new world.

Are there bathrooms in Luray Caverns?

People who have driven for some time to reach the remote caverns need a restroom, yet there are only three stalls for women at the entrance area, and always a line. The facilities are badly worn, with doors that wobble, don’t want to close, and prove difficult to latch.

Does Luray Caverns have a bathroom?

***Luray Caverns is a constant 54 degrees inside. I would suggest bringing a sweatshirt, even if it’s warm outside, the caverns will be cool inside. ***There are no bathrooms down in the cavern so make sure to have everyone go before you enter the cavern. There are bathrooms located right before you go in.