How do I find local craft fairs?

How do I find local craft fairs?

How do I find local craft fairs?

Here are some of the best ways to find the local craft shows that are right for you:

  1. Etsy Teams. Many Etsy sellers don’t realize the best way to find local information is on the site itself.
  2. Event Listing Websites.
  3. Official City Calendars.
  4. Community Facebook Pages.
  5. Churches and Schools.

How do you sell art at a festival?

Do Your Research. First things first, visit some art shows and festivals in your area. Observe everything and take notes about the quality of the art, number of booths, number of shoppers, types of displays and tents, etc. However, don’t photograph the displays or the art without the artist’s permission.

How do I become a local event vendor?

Before you sign up to be a vendor in a festival, you have to fill out all the necessary legal paperwork. You will need to complete an application to get into the festival, secure permits to sell your goods, and perhaps purchase vendor insurance.

What are seasonal festivals?

Seasonal festivals are generally considered festivals that celebrate a season. Many harvest festivals are also seasonal festivals, celebrating both bounty and the change of seasons.

How do artists stand out?

Making Art Stand Out Is A Process

  1. Define your target audience or collector. No matter how great you are, your art will never be loved by everyone.
  2. Define what makes you unique. Even if you consider yourself just another jewelry maker, chances are that your work is unique in some way.
  3. Sell to your audience.
  4. Build a List.

What can I sell in events?

Best Things To Sell At Festivals

  • Items festival-goers may need at the event: Sunscreen. Bug repellant. Umbrellas.
  • Offer services: Face painting. Balloon animals. Phone charging station.
  • Food and drink items. Handheld items/finger foods always do well so people can walk and eat.
  • Clothing.
  • Art.
  • Toys.
  • Home decor.
  • Jewelry.

How do you sell things at events?

7 Tips for Selling Products at Events, Shows

  1. Have a Purpose.
  2. Partner with Your Suppliers.
  3. Make Sure You Can Sell.
  4. Include Your Full Catalog.
  5. Invest in Presentation.
  6. Offer a Gift.
  7. Hold a Contest.

What is a juried craftsman?

As a newly juried craftsman you join a community of your peers who, just like you, have attained a high level of expertise in their craft and are pursuing their creative goals with the support and encouragement of the League.