How do I enable Chatter in Salesforce community?

How do I enable Chatter in Salesforce community?

How do I enable Chatter in Salesforce community?

To Enable chatter on your community

  1. Go to setup.
  2. search chatter.
  3. check on Enable.

What is Chatter Salesforce?

Salesforce Chatter is a social collaboration platform for businesses already using Salesforce. Designed to help employees connect and collaborate, Chatter comes from With Chatter, employees can exchange files, share data, and chat. You can also post status updates like you would on Facebook or Twitter.

How do I add Chatter to my partner community?

Quick Steps:

  1. Enable the Lightning Experience on your org.
  2. Add Streams to the Partner Portal.
  3. Create a Stream in the Partner Portal and add the Group to it.
  4. Go to your Internal Org in the Lightning Experience.
  5. On the Chatter Tab on the left pane click “Streams”
  6. You should see the Community created Stream listed there.

Is Chatter available in community?

To get access to Chatter, Files and Content in Communities, the Community members should have access to Questions, Knowledge, Data Categories and also have the User permission “Salesforce CRM Content” checked on their User detail page and should also be a member of those relevant libraries.

Does salesforce chatter still exist?

You must be a Salesforce user for full access There is also a free Chatter license available for anyone in your company (up to 5,000 users) which provides access to Groups and File Sharing, but no access to collaboration around records.

What is chatter used for?

Chatter lets users collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, and projects with embedded apps and custom actions. Use Chatter in your favorite browser (1) or on your phone or other mobile device (2). The Salesforce mobile app offers a rich and powerful mobile interface for collaboration on the go.

How do I create a community portal in Salesforce?

To create communities go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities -> Manage Communities -> and click on New communities button . And enter name, description and url and click on create button.

Who can see what in communities Salesforce?

Standard Salesforce user sees records that they own, and records that they have access to (based on sharing rules) across all sites and their internal org. Chatter Free user can’t access records.

How do you add a feed to a community in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Support Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Support Settings. Select Enable Site Case Feed. Optionally, select Enable Email Notifications for Case Posts (recommended). Click Save.