How do I convert my GoToMeeting recordings?

How do I convert my GoToMeeting recordings?

How do I convert my GoToMeeting recordings?

Manually convert your recordings Open the Recording Manager by right-clicking the Daisy icon in the system tray (Windows) or toolbar (Mac) and selecting Preferences, Recordings tab, and then Convert Recordings Now.

What format does GoToMeeting record in?

GoToMeeting is a web-based tool for recording online meetings, webinars, and screen shares. Upon completion of the recording process sessions are saved in GoToMeeting’s proprietary format, . GTM .

How do I convert G2M to MP4?

Re: How to convert g2m file to standard video format?

  1. Open Documents folder.
  2. Open original folder.
  3. Copy desired recording file.
  4. Paste into Documents folder.
  5. Right-click GoToMeeting tray icon.
  6. Select Convert Recordings.
  7. Check box at left of recording file to convert.
  8. Select desired file type (WMV or MP4)

What is a G2M file?

A G2M file is a temporary recording created by GoToMeeting, a professional video conferencing application. It contains a recording of a video session. G2M files must be converted to a . MP4 (Windows and Mac versions), .

How do I convert a recording to a file?

How to convert your recording into an MP3 or MP4 file?…If you don’t have professional audio/video editing tools we recommend to use Cloudconvert:

  1. Select the file from your device.
  2. Choose into which type it should convert (eg. MP3/MP4).
  3. Hit the convert button.

How do I download GoToMeeting records without permission?

To download GoToMeeting recordings go to the Vmaker Dashboard>Click on the recording>Click on the Download button, and your video will be downloaded. How to save GoToMeeting recordings? Your GoToMeeting recordings will be automatically saved and stored in your private cloud account.

Where do GoToMeeting recordings get saved?

By default, local recordings are stored in C:\Users\>users>\Documents . The original “pre-converted” . G2M files are stored in a subfolder called “originals” after a successful conversion has finished.

How do I access my recorded meeting in Gotomeeting?

Sign in at

  1. Select the History tab.
  2. Select the Recorded checkbox.
  3. Locate the desired meeting recording or search for it using keywords in the meeting title or transcript. Alternatively, you can search by attendees by entering the @ symbol.
  4. Click Open.