How do I complain to an MP Electric board?

How do I complain to an MP Electric board?

How do I complain to an MP Electric board?

Dial the MPCZ Toll-Free number that is a 24*7 helpline. The MP electricity complaint numbers are 0755-2602033 and 1912.

Who is current collector of jabalpur?

Dr. Ilayaraja T
Who’s Who

Name Designation Phone
Dr. Ilayaraja T (IAS) Collector & District Magistrate 0761-2624200
Dr. Saloni Sidana – (IAS) C.E.O. Zila Panchayat 0761-2624860
Shri Sher Singh Meena (IAS) Addl.District Magistrate,Urban-2 (Ranjhi) Jabalpur 9999416199
Shri J.P.Yadav S.D.M.Kundam 9753524147

How can I complain to Mppkvvcl Jabalpur?

MPEB Jabalpur Whatsapp Number Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Jabalpur’s complaint number is 18002331266. People who live in Jabalpur can contact the electricity board by dialing this number to report any complaints regarding electricity. Complaints can be related to power cuts, load shedding, or faulty wiring.

How do I complain about my electric bill?

Simply call 118 or (021)99000, and our representatives will assist you with:

  1. General inquiries.
  2. Technical/emergency complaints.
  3. Billing complaints.
  4. New connection inquiries/complaints.

What is Consumer NO in MP electricity bill?

One of these terms is the ‘Consumer Number’. As the name suggests, the Consumer Number is a unique customer identifier for every individual consumer. The length of the consumer number may vary among different states and boards. Consumers can easily find their consumer number on their electricity bill.

Is Jabalpur good city?

Cradled on the banks of the holy river Narmada, Jabalpur stands among the prominent cities of Central India. A scuttling city known for its flourishing industries and historical importance, Jabalpur has it all to leave you in awe of this place.

Who is CMO Jabalpur?

swapnil jain – Chief Medical Officer – JABALPUR HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE PVT LTD.

Who is the SDM of MP?


Name Designation Email
Shri Rakesh Mohan Tripathi SDM sdmsarraj[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in
Ms. Pallvi Vaidh SDM sdmkhiraj[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in
Shri Aman Vaishnav (IAS) SDM sdmnarraj[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in
Shri Sanjay Upadhyay SDM sdmbiaraj[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in

What is the full form of MPEB?

Acronym. Definition. MPEB. Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board (India)

How do you call ke?

Log in to KE Live now. SMS us: You can send complaints via SMS following a one-time registration process. To lodge your complaint, type CHAT [space], [your message] and SMS it to 8119. Call us: To make a complaint, please call 118 or (021)99000 to speak to one of our representatives.