How do I add phone numbers to my Ford Sync?

How do I add phone numbers to my Ford Sync?

How do I add phone numbers to my Ford Sync?

Turn on your

  1. Turn on your. Vehicle.
  2. After pairing your connecting phone to SYNC, press the Phone button to access the Phone Menu. Press OK.
  3. Press the Arrow buttons to scroll until Phone Settings displays. Press OK.
  4. Press the Arrow buttons to scroll until Download Phonebook displays. Press OK.
  5. Confirm Download? displays.

How do you decode a Ford serial number?

How to Decode a Ford VIN?

  1. 1 = Country of manufacture (United States)
  2. F = Manufacturer (Ford)
  3. D = Vehicle Type (Incomplete Vehicle)
  4. X = Restraint Type.
  5. F46 = Model (Ford F-Series, F-450, Regular Cab, 2WD)
  6. S = Engine Type (6.8 SOHC SEFI V10; Gasoline 275HP)
  7. 1 = Security Code.
  8. 2 = Model Year (2002)

How do I update my 2011 Ford Sync?

To update your SYNC system using a USB, also known as a flash or thumb drive:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and select Search.
  3. Scroll down until you see the SYNC® UPDATES tile.
  4. If one is available, select View Updates.
  5. Click on the Flash Drive tile.

How do I sync my phonebook to my car?

SOLUTION: Ensure your device allows the contacts to sync. Tap ‘Settings’, then ‘Bluetooth’ and find the vehicle with the pairing issue. Tap the ‘i’ icon beside the vehicle and ensure all of the boxes are checked, including ‘Sync Contacts’!

Why won’t my Ford Sync download my contacts?

SYNC is not able to download my phonebook Ensure your SYNC system has the most current software version. Click here to check for SYNC updates. Turn off the device, reset the device or remove the device’s battery, then try again. Push your phonebook contacts to SYNC by using the Add Contacts feature.

How do I decode an old Ford VIN number?

How to decode a VIN?

  1. Digits 1 through 3 combined is the WMI, (World Manufacturer Identifier).
  2. Digits 4 through 8 represent the vehicle descriptor section.
  3. Digit 9 is a check digit.
  4. Digits 10 through 17 is the Vehicle Identifier Section.
  5. The 11th digit is the manufacturer’s plant code.

What Ford VIN numbers mean?

Ford Vehicle Identification Number
Your Ford Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17-character alphanumeric code. It can be used to identify any Ford vehicle in the world. The Ford VIN not only tells you the specifications of your vehicle, but also its history – ownership history, accident history, archive photos, and more.

How do I update the SYNC in my 2011 Ford f150?

Steps for upgrading your Ford SYNC Software Insert your USB drive into your Ford vehicle’s port. Then, press “Menu” on your SYNC interface. Scroll to “SYNC-Settings” and press “OK.” Next, scroll to “Install on SYNC” and also press “OK” when prompted.