How do I activate my Sky viewing card?

How do I activate my Sky viewing card?

How do I activate my Sky viewing card?

Sign into the My Sky app with your SkyID. Select Manage account, then TV followed by TV settings. Select Activate next to Activate card and follow the on-screen instructions, entering the details you made a note of earlier.

How do I reset my Sky Q viewing card?

Try a Reset Settings in the hidden menu. To enter hidden menu press Home and navigate down to Settings but do not select Settings. With Settings highlighted press 0 0 1 Select. Only Carry out the first Reset (Reset Settings) as the other two will wipe all recordings.

Why is my Sky box asking for my viewing card?

The problem is the card isn’t ‘catching’ inside the sky box. It just springs back out. In the mean time you could use duct tape or similar to hold it in.

What is a viewing card?

Based on 4 documents. 4. Save. Copy. Viewing Card means the electronic card that enables you to view those parts of the Top Up TV Services and/or additional service to which you are entitled by means of a DTR and/or any card that enables you to view any other service we provide.

How long does Sky viewing card take to pair?

Once successful, the on-screen message should then changes to “Viewing card paired. Use this option to trigger a callback”. Please be patient however as it can take anywhere from a few minutes up to four hours to fully pair your Sky Q viewing card and activate your channels.

Will Sky Q Box work without viewing card?

You cannot have an install of Sky Q without a viewing card. The Sky engineer would not leave you without a viewing card.

How long does it take to pair a Sky viewing card?

How do I get a free Sky viewing card?

These are free to subscribers, otherwise they cost £25. You can get a Sky Freesat viewing card by calling Sky on 08448 244 400, or go to Sky’s site.

Can I get a replacement Sky viewing card?

Ultimately, the viewing card will need replacing is not recognised by the box you are using until it is paired with the box. Phone Sky support on 0344 2414 141 to order a new card. When the card arrives you must insert the card into the card slot. You will then need to call Sky to pair the card.

Can I put my Sky viewing card in another box?

Your Sky card is paired with your Sky Box so it’s designed to work together. The card cannot be used with another box or a third party equipment.

Where is my Sky viewing card PIN?

Re: Forgot sky box pin Also you can reset it via your Sky+ box, to do this press the Services button on your remote and go to the Parental Control & Pin section then press the red button to reset it. Or via the My Sky app > Manage Account > TV > TV Settings > TV Pin > Update.

Can I still use Sky box without subscription?

A large number of digital TV channels can be viewed on a Sky Digibox without a Sky subscription or a viewing card, as the signal is not encrypted – see Sky’s Free to Air channel list.