How do I access Horizon help desk tool?

How do I access Horizon help desk tool?

How do I access Horizon help desk tool?

You can access the Horizon Help Desk Tool in one of two ways:

  1. From Horizon Administrator, by clicking Help Desk on the top right of the Horizon Administrator (Figure 1).
  2. Log in to Horizon Help Desk Tool directly by appending /helpdesk to the end of your connection server’s URL (Figure 2).

What is Help Desk Plugin for Horizon agent?

The Horizon Helpdesk Utility is designed to be a tool used by real help desk agents. The Horizon Helpdesk Utility takes all of the functionality of the current HTML5 based Helpdesk in VMware Horizon and adds true desktop integration features, including: Greater speed in queries. Reduced steps to find a session.

What is VMware Horizon performance tracker?

VMware Horizon Performance Tracker is a utility that runs in a remote desktop and monitors the performance of the display protocol and system resource usage. You can also create an application pool and run Horizon Performance Tracker as a published application.

How do I call vmware support?

(877) 486-9273VMware / Customer service

How do I open the VMware horizon performance tracker?

With Horizon Client for Windows, the VMware Horizon Performance Tracker icon appears in the system tray on the Windows client system. You can double-click this icon to open Horizon Performance Tracker on the Windows client.

What is VMware do?

VMware vSphere, also referred to as a cloud operating system or a virtualized data center platform, enables IT departments to place application workloads on the most cost-effective compute resource available. VMware offers applications for desktops as well as servers.

How do I raise a VMware case?

Contact Support

  1. Create your My VMware profile. We offer support to VMware customers through the standard VMware support channels.
  2. Go to support section. Log in MyVMware and Select “Get Support” from the quick links options.
  3. Choose category.
  4. Select product.
  5. Add description.
  6. Add further information and upload files.

What is VMware horizon?

VMware Horizon is a modern platform for running and delivering virtual desktops and apps across the hybrid cloud. For administrators, this means desktop and app management can be simplified, automated and made more secure. For users, it provides a consistent experience across devices and locations.

Is VMware an IBM?

IBM Network Services with VMware transforms the economics of network and security operations with VMware NSX, the network virtualization platform of the integrated enterprise.

How do I contact VMware support?

How do I file a technical support request in VMware?

Filing a Technical Support Request from Customer Connect Portal

  1. Log in to Customer Connect .
  2. Select Support > Get Support from the navigation home page.
  3. Choose Technical Support > Request Support.
  4. Select either On-Premise or VMware Cloud Services (CSP) from the Product Location Drop Down, once selected, click on Next.

Why is VMware Horizon used?