How did The Thing 2011 end?

How did The Thing 2011 end?

How did The Thing 2011 end?

In the original ending, Kate was to discover the original pilots of the spaceship which had all been killed by The Thing, which was an escaped specimen they had collected from another planet, implying that the ship was crashed in an attempt to kill the monster.

How did Lars survive The Thing?

Lars appeared to have been overpowered when he was attacked, leaving three possibilities as to what happened afterwords. (1) Lars was knocked out by Carter and Jameson, in which case they took the flamethrower from him, and he woke up at some point later on.

What happened at end of The Thing?

In fact, the film ends with them sharing a bottle of scotch together in the freezing cold shed, seemingly waiting to eventually freeze to death. Like other films in the past and present, we seem to have an ending where the main characters have sacrificed themselves for the good of the human race.

Who survives at the end of The Thing?

MacReady (Kurt Russell) finally takes on the titular shapeshifter, mano a mano…well, more like mano a explosivo. One big fireball and a zingy one-liner later, MacReady emerges victorious from the flames…and then he runs into Childs (Keith David).

How did The Thing end?

The novella concludes with the humans clearly victorious, but concerned that birds they see flying toward the mainland may have been infected by the Thing. Carpenter opted to end the film with the survivors slowly freezing to death to save humanity from infection, believing this to be the ultimate heroic act.

Who was the monster at the end of The Thing?

Palmer (David Clennon) turns out to be the one whose blood is infected, and we see his blood basically jump out of its petri dish when confronted with the hot wire.

What happened at the end of The Thing?

With most of the team dead, or presumed dead, including Blair, who ended up being a falsely accused man of wisdom, MacReady uses TNT charges to not only destroy the creature, but the majority of the camp along with it. Triumphant, yet badly injured, he ends up in an outside shack where he finds Childs waiting there.