How can I watch chutti TV?

How can I watch chutti TV?

How can I watch chutti TV?

Chutti TV is a free-to-air channel available on most local cable television networks. On the DTH platform, the channel is available on Tata Sky in India via Channel 1514. It is also available on ASTRO in Malaysia via Channel 213.

What is chutti TV number?

Chutti Tv Channel Number In Tata Sky is 693. 2.

What are the programs in chutti TV?

Panchathanthira Kadhaigal Chutti TV. Kids Mon-Fri. 08:30 AM-09:00 AM. Panchathanthira Kadhaigal.

  • Tiantian Chutti TV. Kids Mon-Fri. 07:00 AM-07:25 AM. Tiantian.
  • Ollie and Moon Chutti TV. Kids Mon-Fri. 10:30 AM-11:00 AM. Ollie and Moon.
  • Cakes and Candles Chutti TV. Kids Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat. 07:25 AM-07:30 AM 16.25-16:30.
  • Is Kushi TV available in English?

    Of course it is regional channel but Govt only introducing English medium in school, therefore kushi TV management should use basic English words by dubbing ppl.

    What is the channel number of Chutti TV in Airtel DTH?

    Chutti TV Channel

    Chutti TV Channel
    Name Of Operator Channel No. Price
    Airtel DTH 474 ₹ 7.08
    Dish TV 912 ₹ 7.08
    Videocon D2h 595 ₹ 7.08

    What is the channel number of Chintu TV in Airtel?

    Kannada TV Channel List: All Kannada Channel Numbers in India

    Kannada Channel Name Tata Sky Kannada Channel Number Airtel DTH Kannada Channel Number
    Colors Kannada Cinema 1609
    Udaya Music 1614 990
    Udaya Comedy 1627 962
    Chintu TV 1632 988

    How can I change Airtel channel language?

    This can be done through your Airtel Digital TV:

    1. On your remote press menu go to? User settings?
    2. In the Language setup, set your language preference and choose the language you want.
    3. Select and press Menu again.
    4. Select? Yes? on the next screen to confirm.

    How do I send a birthday picture on Kushi TV?

    Log On To And Browse For Kushi TV Channel From The Menu. You Will Get The Page ” Kushi TV Birthday Wishes “, Open It And Submit Your Kids Details.

    What is channel number in Airtel DTH?

    Airtel DTH Hindi Entertainment Channel List with Channel Number and Price (2022)

    Airtel DTH Channel List Airtel DTH Channel Number HD/SD
    Sony SAB 126 SD
    Sony SAB HD 127 HD
    Star Bharat 114 SD
    Star Bharat HD 114 HD