How can I pay Delhi Jal Board bill online?

How can I pay Delhi Jal Board bill online?

How can I pay Delhi Jal Board bill online?

DJB Introduce Multiple Payment Options

  1. Pay Through Payment Gateway. *Credit & Debit Cards/ Netbanking /Wallets / UPI.
  2. Pay Through BBPS. *Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)
  3. Pay Through NEFT/RTGS.

What is UID in Delhi Jal Board?

All water bodies in the national capital must be provided with Unique Identification Numbers (UID) after properly demarcating them and mapping them on GPS platforms so that they can be better conserved, a monitoring committee appointed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has suggested.

How can I pay my Delhi Jal Board bill by Paytm?

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Then, go to the more section on the top header and scroll down to tap ‘water’. Step 3: Select your Jal board (Municipal Corporation) for eg the’ Delhi Development Authority’ from the choices. Step 4: After choosing your Jal Board, enter your consumer number/bill number.

How can I get k number of Delhi Jal Board?

Step 1: Visit the DJB portal and click on ‘View/Print Latest Bill’ from the left menu. Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page, where you will need to mention the KNO number on the Delhi Jal board site.

How can I check my Delhi Jal Board bill online?

How to Check DJB Water Bill Online?

  1. Visit
  2. Select utility bill tab.
  3. Select Operator as Delhi Jal Board [DJB].
  4. Enter K NO from DJB Water Bill.
  5. Click on “Check Bill”.
  6. Your DJB Water Bill Due Amount, Bill Due Date, Bill Date, Customer Name and Status will appear on the screen.

What is kno number?

Every water connection has a unique KNO number which is alphanumeric and of 13 characters, starting with DJB followed by 10 digits of the water connection number mentioned on the Delhi Jal Board bill, without any brackets or space. Here is how to find your new KNO if you do not have a recent updated DJB bill.

What is Consumer ID in Kwa bill?

You can easily find your consumer id online if you know your registered mobile number. Go to, enter your registered mobile number and click on proceed. Your bill details including your KWA consumer id will be displayed on the screen.

What is RR number in Paytm?

RRN is a unique 12-digit number to identify a particular transaction. It is basically the transaction ID or a reference number using which the transaction status can be tracked. You can do a UPI transaction ID status check using this transaction ID/reference number.