How can I modernize my brick fireplace?

How can I modernize my brick fireplace?

How can I modernize my brick fireplace?

There are a few ways to make your fireplace feel new again. You can paint the brick, change up the mantel design, extend the mantel to the ceiling, add some fresh home decor elements, or all of the above.

Can I glue a wood mantel to brick fireplace?

A safe effective adhesive/sealant solution is now accessible CT1, the eponymous adhesive/sealant from the manufacturer of a family of successful adhesive and sealant products to the Construction Industry is the ideal solution for fixing a wooden mantel to a brick fireplace.

How do you update an old fireplace on a budget?

Learning to DIY: How to Update a Fireplace on a Budget

  1. Add a touch of paint. Gone are the days of design elements such as bold and bright red fireplaces and natural, oak-colored wall paneling and trim.
  2. Turn your brick to stone.
  3. Add a mantel.
  4. Think — and build — outside the box.
  5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

How do you refresh a red brick fireplace?

Here are a few things you can do to refresh your fireplace.

  1. Embrace the exposed brick. View in gallery.
  2. German Smear. View in gallery.
  3. New Mantel. View in gallery There is something very personal about having a well-decorated mantel.
  4. All Black.
  5. Go, Gray.
  6. Add a Touch of Modern.
  7. Go for Drama.
  8. Blend in the Fireplace.

Can you remodel brick fireplace?

If you’re remodeling a room and the new colors don’t match the brick fireplace, painting the fireplace is an inexpensive upgrade that make a huge difference in modernizing your interior design.

How do you modernize a traditional fireplace?

17 Fireplace Remodel Ideas

  1. Add Glass Fireplace Doors. A cozy fire on a cold night is a delight.
  2. Get Your Firebrick in Shape.
  3. Install a Mantel.
  4. Opt for a Salvaged Mantel.
  5. Add a Gas Fireplace.
  6. Put in a Fireplace Insert.
  7. Tile a Hearth.
  8. Choose the Right Tiles.

What can you put over brick fireplace?

10 ways to cover a brick fireplace

  • Paint it. A coat of paint can work wonders when it comes to revamping your brick fireplace.
  • Stain it. You could opt to stain the bricks of your fireplace instead of painting.
  • Go for a limewash.
  • Cover it in concrete.
  • Stick to stucco.
  • Add a stone veneer.
  • Tile over it.
  • Wow with wood.

Should I paint brick fireplace?

Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace? If your brick is dated or you simply do not like it, by all means paint your fireplace. If you have a large expanse of brick or a really huge fireplace that you are considering tearing out, try painting it white first.

Are red brick fireplaces out of style?

Brick fireplaces are a traditional staple in homes in many regions. However, the brick color can be very trendy – and therefore fall out of style often or quickly.

Should you paint a brick fireplace?

Is painted brick going out of style?

Is painted brick going out of style? Ask any exterior design expert, painting brick is not going out of style any time soon. Painted brick is here to stay as new homeowners prefer this modern look over traditional unpainted brick exteriors. Likewise, you can always change the color of your brick siding if you’d like.