How big is the Seiko SKX013?

How big is the Seiko SKX013?

How big is the Seiko SKX013?

37 mm
Case diameter: 37 mm. Lug width: 20 mm. Lug-to-lug length: 43 mm.

How thick is a Seiko SKX?

If you’re familiar with diving watches the SKX has everything you’d expect to see. The stainless steel sports watch comes in at 42mm wide with a thickness of 13.5mm the SKX is a modern proportioned piece.

Is SKX013 still in production?

Seiko discontinued the SKX line in 2018. And though you can still find new ones, scarcity has led to significant price increases, especially for the SKX013. And today a lot of great alternatives to the SKX are available, including some more modern offerings from Seiko.

Will SKX013 SKX007 dial fit?

All our dials and hands will fit both the SKX007 and SKX013 as they share the same workhorse 7s26 movement. You can even supercharge your watch movement by upgrading them to a Seiko NH36A that comes with hacking and hand-winding features!

What is the case size of a Seiko SKX007?

The SKX007 not only looks good though, it wears even better. A case diameter of 42.5mm might make this a bit too big of a watch for some, but the 46mm lug-to-lug length allows this watch to be forgiving of smaller wrists.

How big is SKX009?

Dimensions: Diameter: 42mm. Thickness: 13.5mm. Lug to lug: 46mm.

Is Seiko SKX discontinued?

There is certainty that the SKX will halt production and be replaced by the new line of Seiko 5 automatic watches which feature 27 different variations and 5 styles. However, keep in mind the original Seiko SKX models are still widely available via online outlets worldwide.

Is Seiko SKX013 ISO certified?

In terms of the SKX013, it’s also ISO certified. Unfortunately, Seiko hasn’t made the standard public knowledge. As it’s so similar to the SKX007, it’s safe to assume it’s also ISO 6425. A unidirectional bezel is a must for dive watches.

Does SKX007 dial fit SKX013?

Are all Seiko dials the same size?

For the experienced modders though, the dials are of the same size, so it is possible to use our dial on Seiko (and vice versa) by either modding the position of the dial feet, or cutting the dial feet off and attaching it to the movement using other means.

How much is a 7s26 0030 scuba worth?

Written on the back was 7s26 0030 scuba. It also had the same written on the dial at the south part (nearest to arm 6) and it says 7s26 0003R. It’s a nice looking watch and so I took it coz it only pegged at $51 used but in great condish.

What does 7s26-0028 mean on this watch?

It should not to be confused with the SKX399, which is a different design although both look very much alike. “7s26-0028” means the movement is a recent 7s26B caliber from Malaysia and then the watch was assembled in China. It’s a genuine Seiko watch from the photos, no worries. Quartzimodo Admin. Thanks for your great BLOG REVIEW.

What is the difference between the 7s26 and 7s36?

The main difference between the 7S26 and the 7S36 is that the caliber 7S36 has 2 extra jewels. The 7S26 has 21 jewels and the 7S36 has 23 jewels.

What is the difference between Seiko 7s26-0030 and 7s 26-0020?

Most Seiko diver’s watch collectors, myself included, prefer the full sized 7s26-0020 models though. Apart from the differently styled hands, the 7s26-0030 watches have bezel markings with the 10 minute mark with a hooked “10” instead of the “straight-ten” number.